Laura. Jeff. Granny. Brian. Han. Chris.

Nikki's Lunch.
2.5oz tuna steak (cooked in olive oil), broccoli, lemon and the elusive tomato.

W.O.D. 9.15.09
7 Rounds for time of:
3 Deadlifts (315/200)
5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
7 Box jumps (21"/25")

Shoulder Press

1.) Only 11 days until FGBIV. 9.26.09. Make sure click here to sign up today $25 per person. We will run Heats on the hour from 9AM-12PM. Reserve your spot today!

2.) Paleokits are on order and shipping soon.

3.) It's that time...let's freshen up our Music for the Box. I'll take song selections posted to comments or if you want to bring in a CD for me to burn on the iPod, that works too!

4.) Who's still in the 100 Burpee/DU/Pull-up/Push-up Challenge????? So far I only know of one? Mr. Jeff Handler....anyone else?

5.) On Saturday, 9.19 Doug is having a going away party, he has graciously invited all CFKoP-ers. If anyone is interested the details from Doug are below, for specific info like address/phone number email me at crossfitkop@gmail.com:
"Yo! Court and I are having our goodbye philly party (actually she's having her "Goodbye, Philly Party", I'm having my "F You, Philly! Party"). It's our last chance to use our deck as the house is sold and we settle on it at the end of the month.
Around 5:00 on Saturday Sept 19th. Hopefully it will be a bit drier than July. We'll provide the burgers and beer and we'll be trying to work our way through the liquor cabinet (hey, that much less to move!) as well. Kids, friends, & dogs that get along with kids and other dogs are welcome, but expect to um... pick up after your dog. Anyone who wants to stay the night is welcome.
Call or email a few days in advance if you're coming so I can make sure I have enough burgers.

Being happy is a process, not a state of being. Its a direction and not destination. Be honest with yourself and you'll always be on the path toward "happiness;" whatever that may be, or however you define it.
Jason Rx/335 16:24
Aimee Rx 17:10
Liz 115 21:59
Paul 275 16:45
Trisha 135 17:17
Meg 135 17:11
Chris S. 315 22:48
Jeff 225 20:52
Curtin 205 23:17
Laura 115 16:39
Granny 175 18:41
Chris P. 225 12:33
Brian 225 22:31
Tim P 275 15:24
Hannah 205 24:23
JZ 225 17:55
Nicole 115 18:07
Kristin 155 19:50
Kel 135/115 19:03
Jen S. 155 18:50
Lisa 205 19:08
Shoulder Press:
Aimee 95
Hannah 115
Lisa 100
Curtin 90
JZ 115
Jason W. 190


JZuck said...

Jay Z: Run This Town
Jay Z: D.O.A.
T.I.: Top Back

Mike F said...

Thought I would share a quote from a book I am reading. It is about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts for those of you who don't know). The book focuses on Pat Militich, one of the first great MMA fighters. In order to make some money he started to train fighters in a globo gym using their rackquetball court. After reading this description I right away thought about Crossfit.

"At a time when personal training had gone high-tech and up-market--a quick glance around Ultimate Fitness revealed an array of workout machines, most hooked up to television screens and telemetry monitors--Miletich was unmistakably old school. Instead of messing with Nautilus machines, the fightes lifted free weights and hit the pull-up bars and skipped rope. They worked out with medicine balls, metal sleds, Russian kettledrums, and Indian clubs. There was nothing in the racquetball court that suggested it was a day beyond the turn of the nineteenth century. 'Functional fitness,' Miletich called it."

Jen S. said...

I used 65# :( Hopefully I can use a heavier weight next time!

Nicole said...

Lady Gaga - Love game
Jadakiss - Who's real
Marilyn Manson - The beautiful people
The white stripes - seven nation army

JZuck said...

Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack
The Roots - Here I Come
T.I. - What You Know

JZuck said...
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JZuck said...

Patrick Swayze - She's Like the Wind

Just kidding...sort of

Unknown said...

Aim - I only did 135 one round. I had to drop down to 115 for the rest.