What did Dave really lift?
Dave. Nikki.

W.O.D. 9.16.09
Push Press


Row (for calories)

"Training, Recovery, and the Max Effort" by Dave Tate, CrossFit Journal Preview - video [wmv] [mov]

Optimizing physical capacity requires training at unsustainable intensities.
— Greg Glassman

Lisa: 95#, 52 Calories, 7 push-ups
Sam: 185#, 60 Calories, 10 push-ups
Tom: 165#, 68 Calories, 2 push-ups
Jim: 160#, 67 Calories, 5 push-ups
Swine: 155#, 60 Calories, 9 push-ups
Dan: 155#, 76 Calories, 6 push-ups
Kevin: 120#, 62 Calories, 3 push-ups
Shawn: 165x4#, 58 Calories, 3 push-ups
Dave: 135#, 60 Calories, 6 push-ups (knees)
Nikki: 110x3#, 46 Calories, 6 push-ups
Jason: 165x3#, 74 Calories, 5 push-ups
John K: 115#, 52 Calories, 1 push-up
Tim P: 145#, 58 Calories, 9 push-ups
Sam B: 145f#, 64 Calories, 3 push-ups
Jeff: 145#, 51 Calories, 8 push-ups
Chris P: 165x4#, 63 Calories, 8 push-ups
Brian: 155#, 47 Calories, 5 push-ups
Jen S: 100x1#, 42 Calories, 6 push-ups (knees)
Kristin: 80x1#, 43 Calories, 7 push-ups (knees)
Liz: 75x3#, 48 Calories, 8 push-ups (knees)
Westwood: 115#, 64 Calories, 5 push-ups


Appalachian Athlete said...

Hey everybody! I've been wanting to get on here and invite my old CF friends over for some burgers and beers this saturday at my place, but I see Aimee did that for me yesterday. (Thanks, Aimee).

We're having a little going away deck party in Norristown (196 North Highland Avenue by the Farm Park). Nothing big, but you're all invited to stop in starting around 5:00 or so. No need to bring anything. Friends, kids, and well-behaved dogs are welcome. I'd love to see you there. Email me at "ggdillon AT gmail.com" if you're coming so I have enough burgers.

You know I really do miss the cameraderie and competition you guys have there... believe it or not I even occasionally miss Swine's out-of-the-blue pop-culture mish-mash comments.


Kit said...

Song Request: Miley Cyrus- Party in the U.S.A.- and yes i'm serious. girl's a genious.

Doug, can't make it to the party, but i'm sure you guys wont have a problem drinking my fair share. Its been great to sweat it out with you a few times.

Back from another 2 days in the field doing live fire tactics...lots of fun but my knees and elbows are hating life right now.

Meighan said...

Did a "wacky" version of FGB.

3 rounds:
2min run
1 min SDHP
2 min wall bal
1 min pp
2 min box jumps

FUN times....

Chris P. said...

man, having internet at the box really gets those times posted quick

Jason Lyons said...

dave, you got lazy buddy. you need to fix the left side of the bar as well or your right arm is WAY stronger. lol.

david zaveloff said...

I'm so strong that your normal symmetrical weight lifting bores me!