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We got some HQ blog love today, thanks Lisbeth!!!
...what timing as we move to our new box tomorrow!


Chris P. said...


Ray said...

Sorry to miss the move. Dana Rae is sick and I am Mr. Moming it. 1st week back in the germ factory!

Got my lazy rainy day azz up and did 3 mini WODs at home:

2K Row in 7:43 & 100 Sit Ups

3 Rounds:
10 75# Front Squat
10 75# Push Press

3 Rounds:
50 Jump Rope (Singles)
10L/10R 35# KB Snatch
20 20" Box Jump

Worked on Double Unders and actually managed to get 2 in a row. I think I felt like a baby does after it strings 2 steps together....you know the look! Wo, dude, did I just do that?

michael said...

Congrats on the new box and your Level 2 Certification!