Grand Opening Celebration and "Yack in the Box" Challenge

Saturday, October 24th 2009
Time: Grand Opening Celebration 9AM-5PM, WOD heats from 9AM-12PM
What: A Grand Opening Party and Workout scalable for all levels of athletes
Cost: $10 to participate in the "Yack in the Box" Challenge
Where: CrossFit King of Prussia, 200 DeKalb St. Bridgeport PA. 19405

NOTE: Click here for WOD details.
Post to comments if you plan on attending.


Erin said...

Hi, Aimee - working on fielding in interest from athletes in Center City. Will let you know as soon as I get some response! Congrats on your new space... so exciting! :)

-Erin of CrossFit Center City

Jill said...

I'll be there!

Miranda said...

I'm in, but have to leave by 3pm to go to work!