Change of Plans:
The community fair which was schedule for Saturday is now postponed until Sunday (12-4), this gives us the opportunity to move into our new box a day earlier...Saturday!!

What you need to know:
Saturday 10AM and 11AM moving WODs start at the OLD box. For the insomniacs we will be there at 9AM starting to move.
Sunday 9AM and 10AM classes will be normal classes at the NEW box.
Sunday 11AM kids class is CANCELLED.
Sunday community fair help...(I know the Eagles are playing!) but if anyone can still help at the fair it would be greatly appreciated!! We will have a table set up from 12-4, our WOD in the park begins at 3:00; please join us if you can!

"If life deals your lemons, make lemonade; if it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Mary's."

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Meighan said...

If it gives me limes can I make a margarita?