We welcome some new faces to CFKoP tonight...Patrick, John, Keith, Rob and Brian!

W.O.D. 8.31.09
Run 400M
50 Double Unders (sub x3 single unders)
50 KB Swings (35#/55#)
40 Double Unders
40 KB Swings
30 Double Unders
30 KB Swings
20 Double Unders
20 KB Swings
10 Double Unders
10 KB Swings
Run 400M


Community Notes:
The regular 9:30AM, 5:30PM and 6:30PM classes will all be preformed at the "old" box...but...Monday's Level 2 WOD will be at "new" box.

My blackberry has gone to blackberry heaven or in other words, it was not able to sustain the glass of water spilled on it...I now have a new blackberry but it doesn't have my calendar or contacts; Please if you are able text, email, FB, BBM or post to comments your information, I would greatly appreciate it. Especially if I have a scheduled session with you this week, I'm pretty sure I remember most, but just to be on the safe side, I welcome all reminders.

“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”

Mom 18:20 (10#/SU)
Tom 24:21 (45#/SU)
Keith 22:18 (45#/DU)
JZ 21:49 (45#/DU)
Trisha 25:22 (25#/DU)
Westwood 21:52 (45#/35#/SU)
Brian 26:51 (45#/DU)
Jen S. 21:22 Rx
Jill 29:05 Rx
Tim P. 20:11 Rx
Patrick 24:10 (25#/SU)
Curtin 34:20 Rx
Shawn 27:24 Rx
Patti 23:17 (35#/25# SU)
Kelly 22:06 (25#/SU)
Gina 19:35 (35#/SU)
Joe A. 34:58 Rx (DL 365x3)
Nick 24:18 (35#/Squats)
Jim 25:47
Rob 15:18 (45#/SU)
Nikki 15:14 Rx
Paul 12:47 Rx
John K. 20:01 (45#/35#/SU)
Liz 23:31 (25#/DU)
Jason 17:28 Rx

Level 2 WOD:
Body weight + Fight Gone Bad
(10# (ladies) /15# (gentlemen)

Han 283
Lisa 315
Swine 353
Sam 376
Aimee 395
Kate 441


Unknown said...

Hello everyone! mIss you all... bad news.

1. I had my first NON Crossfit lift
2x 10 bench press 85 lbs
2x 1 lap - 35 lb dumbells
2x10 leg extension 110
1x 12 shoulder press
1x 12 rear delt
1 x 15 rot cuff
so... clearly i am getting "toned" . Anyway I sprained my ankle running on thursday - im a sad sight limping around campus. Miss you all and i miss working out like a serious person.

Ray said...

Steph, there is no shame in doing a non CrossFit workout when you have an injury. You adapted to do what you could do and that is awesome. Now, think about those CrossFit exercises that you CAN do with your upper body like push ups, sit ups, GHD stuff, ring work, and maybe even pull ups; anything that avoids having to put weight on the ankle until you can tolerate it. Then, start doing lifts that do not challenge it too much. Also, you should be able to hit a rower soon.

Joe a said...

Is the level 2 class meeting at the old box or the new box?

Aimee Lyons said...

Level two will meet at the new box.
Strength component for today 5-5-5-5-5 deadlifts.

Cindy said...

Aimee ... is this day 35, 36 or 37 of the burpee challenge? I am starting to lose track!

Jason Lyons said...

cindy, today is 36. think of it like football, we started on a sunday so every sunday is a touchdown. 7, 14, 21, etc.

Jeff said...


Sorry to hear about your ankle, hope it heals soon. Ray is spot on for thinking about upper-body exercises and other stuff that keeps weight off the ankle, still plenty of stuff to do, even if you have to mix in your toning exercises. And if you're limping around, at least play the sympathy card on campus, you probably won't get much from the CrossFit crowd!

Megs said...

Did this today
5 Rounds:
21 DU;s (took forever)
21 lunges
11 pistols each L/R
11 Burpees

3 Rounds:
100m Free
21 KB swing
11 pushups
100m free
21 push ups
11 KB swing

Cindy said...

Thanks Jas, but wouldn't that be a touchdown and an extra point? What if they go for the 2 point conversion?!! Of course, if it was the Eagles we wouldn't have been able to score a touchdown and would have had to kick a field goal. OK, never mind! :-)

I did 37 just in case ...

Jason Lyons said...

ugh, good grief. you know what i meant.

Swine said...


Make sure you keep us up to date on any games you have in the area. I bet you could get a bunch of us to go and cheer you on like only we can.