CrossFit Level 1 Certification
@ CF South Brooklyn.
Congratulations Tim and Paul!!!
This past weekend several of us attended the Level 1 Cert. in Brooklyn, it was an amazing experience for all of us. Paul and Tim were able to expand their knowledge base as they learned the fundamental movements and concepts of CrossFit from some amazing trainers. In addition, they were able to push themselves and socialize with some great athletes from around the area.

This Cert was also extremely memorable for me as it was my first time as an CrossFit HQ intern to train. Being able to participate as an intern to some of the best CrossFit coaches has taught me other highly effective ways to train athletes. Ultimately, I will be using these techniques to more effectively train all of you, helping you to reach and exceed all of your personal CF goals.

W.O.D. 8.10.09
Push Press
Push Jerk


"To excel means to reach beyond the best you have ever given because doing so matters to you personally, for its own sake. It means to run your own race—as an individual, team, or organization. To excel is to know your greatest strengths and passions, and to emphasize them while honestly admitting and managing your weaknesses."
-Robert Cooper

Chris S. 205/205
Jen S. 85/95x2
Kevin 120/105
Dave 155x2/135
Dan 160/135
Kelly 85x1/70x5
Nicole 110x2/95x4
Curin 115/115
Shawn 165/135
Mike F. 200/135
Charlie 140/135
Jeff 145/125
Jon 115/?
Chris P. 165/155
Kristin 90x2/85x3
Jason W. 210/190
Maggie 45/45x3
ChuChu 135/145x2
Laura 90x2/?
Cindy 90x2/?
Liz 75/80
Scott 175x2/165x3
Nikki 110/115x3
***If your name isn't up on this list with a number it is because you didn't write it on the board. Remember, we want to track your progress so you can see your results and unless it's recorded on the little board there is not way it will be on the blog...also always insure you are writing it on the big board and or folders to keep track of PR's.

Level 2 WOD:
FGB with 40 reps at each station, a minute rest between rounds is included in number:
Aimee 40:42
Devil 47:26
Jason W. 45:34
Jason L. 49:02
Lisa 49:58
Swine 52:45


Chris P. said...

nice! you guys are on the mainsite, it's like playing "Where's Waldo?"

Jim Curran said...

congrats to Tim and Paul on their cert.....great stuff guys!

Ray said...

Way to go Paul & Tim!! Hey Paul, it looks like you were rolling around in the chalk bucket!

Jeff said...

Congratulations Paul and Tim, well done!

Unknown said...

Congratulations guys!

Paul said...

Thanks guys in the picture I am in the upper left and tim is in the lower left near Aimee. It was a great time and I can't wait to help the begin to help Aimee and everyone else with everything I gained from the cert this weekend. And Ray as usual was able to spot my ability to spot my childlike self of at least getting somewhat dirty with chalk at every workout. I wonder if they have an AA for chalk addicts?

nicole said...

congrats guys!!

Curin said...

AWESOME JOB! Congrats on your certs Tim and Paul :)

Nikki said...

Congratulations guys!!

CP said...

WAY TO GO :) Congrats Paul & Tim!!!!

Captain Adam Gaudinski said...

Timmy, nice job on you certification. Great picture too, a rose between two thorns.

Jill said...

Great job guys! You inspire me. I hope to get a level 1 in 2010. I will be WODing at a X-fit affiliate up in Lehigh Valley for the next two weeks (Im away for work)


Meighan said...

Did this at the gym today:

Run 200M
20 Burpees
10 Pull-Ups
Run 400M
15 Burpess
15 Pull-Ups
Run 800M
10 Burpess
20 Pull-ups
Run 400M
15 Burpess
15 Pull-ups
Run 200M
20 Burpee
10 Pull-ups
200M Farmers Walk

Evan said...

Congratulations Tim and Paul!

Chris P. said...

just fyi Aimee, I did 155 PJ for all 5 reps...I may have written "x3" by accident, thanks

Aimee Lyons said...

gotcha all fixed Chris! thanks.

Anonymous said...

you forgot me


Nikki said...

oops forgot to write my results on the board - at least i remembered to the big board and my file! i got 110X3 and 120X1 on the PP and 115X3 on the PJ

Miranda said...

Congrats Tim & Paul!

Cindy said...

There is no PJ score listed for me as I had to leave before completing the rounds. Sorry!

Jason Lyons said...

that wod was very hard in the 90 degree gym. loved it.....when it was done. :)