W.O.D. 8.20.09
for time:
75 Power Snatches (75#/55#)


One Rep Max Snatch

Randy, by LAPD SWAT ...[wmv][mov]

“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later find time for illness.”
-Lord Edwin Stanley (1799-1869)

Sam 4:54 Rx
Charlie 7:04 Rx
Lisa 6:45 Rx
Meg 12:16 Rx
Keith 10:04 Rx
Jen S. 11:55 Rx
Aimee 6:17 Rx
Hannah 5:20 Rx
Nicole 10:52 Rx
Jon 65# 14:49
Miranda Rx 8:22
Nikki 6:51 Rx
Swine 5:44 Rx
Kristin 40# 9:36
Chris S. 7:29 Rx
John K. 55# 6:32
Joe 8:17 Rx
Todd 8:25 65#
Gina 8:35 15#
Jason 4:43 Rx
Jason 7:10 Rx 8.19.09 Solo


Jason Lyons said...

Awesome work this morning gentlemen. Sam, amazing time. Will be hard for anyone to beat. I am conducting a little experiment today so I am happy for Aim's programmimg. I did Randy two days ago after class and my time was 7:10. I am excited to do it again today in order to see the effects of:

1) Pushing yourself against a time that you are chasing
2) Pushing yourself against others in the class

I feel rested since I did nothing yesterday so I have no excuse if my time is not better. I am excited to see how much better someone can be when they are trying to push against something rather than just doing it to set the pace. A great example is that Charlie knew my time today and at the end, there was no way that he was not going to beat it. Awesome job Charlie, way to push.

So, I guess I will start a conversation hopefully. Do you think that you perform better in the first class or second class? If you are in the second class, do you pick a time in the first class that you try to match? Are you just motivated enough to go balls to the wall every time? I wish everyone would answer the last but I myself know I cannot say that but I am striving to get there. Leave nothing EVERY TIME.

Ray said...

I try to push as hard as I can each time, but the fact of the matter is that I perform better with others. I am still learning, so I do use the board to at least gauge what I should be shooting for whether I look at the board or the blog.

Today's hotel WOD in Green Bay:
10 HSPU's (knees on the bed)
100 Sit Ups
10 HSPU's
50 Push Ups
10 HSPU's
100 Squats
20 HSPU's
Time: 19:31
Was shooting for under 20

No dumbells at this Residence Inn, but bodyweight works. Do what you can with what you have!

Cheese curds and Michigan blueberries for breakfast. Yum!

Aimee Lyons said...

The "great Jason experiment" has ended...I have to say I have never seen Jason push as hard as he did today trying to beat Sam's time...great job Jason and to all the athletes who sweated out the "Randy" WOD today!

Everyone's motivation and push comes from a different place, but most of us push harder when we have a time to beat or fellow athlete next to us...that drive comes from deep inside and we are the only ones who can control that!
Train hard, reach deep and get some!

Chris P. said...

interesting discussion points. I think there are several factors that all go into a mediocre vs. great performance at any level: 1.the condition you are in going into the wod; 2.comfort with the movements; 3.setting a previous time or not; 4.whether or not there are other people doing it with you; and 5.the type of competitor you are.

1. Beneficial or not, the amount of sleep, type of nutrition, and physical fitness all matter before even walking in the door. 2.Once I'm there, if I'm not familiar with a movement or still working on it (e.g. double unders) then I will struggle, no matter how hard I push. 3.Having a previous time already set allows me to set a goal and pace myself, even if I am doing the wod solo. 4.Having other people around not only creates competition, but also lets you pick someone else as a "pace car" to keep up with. 5.While in the midst of a wod, I also think it matters what kind of competitor you are. Sometimes it's motivating to have someone just ahead of you, sometimes it's crushing.

For me, all of these factors come into play. I've focused on nutrition more in the past few months, getting more sleep than years' past, and working on skills. However, I can absolutely say the biggest factor is having other people around. In 1.5 months at 2x week at Crossfit KOP, I have increased my fitness more than doing Crossfit by myself for a year. (I think the positive community aspect has a lot to do with this: encouragement during the wod, coaching of skills and nutrition habits, positive peer pressure to not skip out on a day, etc). This is why joining an affiliate is so important.

I certainly know that I push harder on some wods than others. Other times, I FEEL like I'm pushing hard but my output isn't up to par with previous performances. I think it's important to realize it's easy to do a wod when you're feeling good and strong, but it's even more beneficial to keep at it when you're feeling understrong.

Chris P. said...

nice improvement Jason! I guess you got some good data for your experiment

Jeff said...

Jason: awesome work, very inspiring. I know that I try to leave it all on the floor each time, but don't always succeed. Having a time to try to beat, either my previous mark or someone else, definitely drives me harder, as does competition during the WOD. It doesn't matter which class I go to, but having other people to work with seems to kick the competitive drive in that much more.

Nikki said...

Awesome job Jason!!