W.O.D. 8.22.09
Walking lunge 100 ft.
21 Pull-ups
21 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
18 Pull-ups
18 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
15 Pull-ups
15 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
12 Pull-ups
12 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
9 Pull-ups
9 Sit-ups
Walking Lunge 100 ft.
6 Pull-ups
6 Sit-ups

Front Squats

Handstand Skills

"A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires."
- Paulo Coelho


Charlie 15:31
Meg 15:30 (Blue)
Cindy 15:28 (Green)
Lisa 16:11
Kristin 16:04 (Green)
Nikki 13:16
Mike F. 21:34
Scott 10:11
Sam 17:09 (C2B)
Chris P. 8:20
Shawn 14:51
Jim C. 19:26
Josh 10:36
Chris S. 22:00
Swine 12:23
Granny 13:04 (Ring Row)
Jill 12:58 (Ring Row)
Joe 23:38
Jon 14:58


Nikki said...

Random non-CrossFit related post -- anyone have some extra vacation time and interested in hitting the beach for labor day? I have a room at Virginia Beach wed sept 2 - mon sept 7 that we can pack with sleeping bags and air mattresses if anyone's interested. Let me know!

Chris P. said...

mad props to Sam for doing not only the thick bar, but also doing chest 2 bar pullups. Also to Mike F. for running in between each station and pushing through it!

Kit said...

thats rigged, he's wearing gloves.

Nikki...uhhh did you say beach? I'm down. VA Beach is good stuff.

PS: Gillian Mounsey sighting today! She was with her bf, who works on my base, also a level 2 trainer. They were at my gym at The Basic School today. NO one else was in there except them when i showed up. I couldnt believe they were there. Anyway, she helped with handstands, handstand pushups, muscle ups and then I worked in with them for Hand Power Cleans...PR'd in front of them with 205.

Oh, if anyone is wondering, Aimee really does think y'all work hard and have good form...she just holds out. If she says you can do it better it means, well, you can do it better...but you're probably doing pretty well already. Dont let it get to your head though, cause then you'll feel too good and fail on that next rep...like i did when Mounsey said i had good cleaning form and was going for 215....meh. Well if you can't tell yet, that made my day.