Chichen-Itza, one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.
Chris and Kristin show off some handstands and their CrossFit KoP shirts!

W.O.D. 8.19.09
It's been awhile...we are in need of a TEAM WOD:
Depending how many arrive to the class, the work load will be made for teams of 5, 4 or 3 athletes.

For Time:

Teams of 5: 400m Run carrying a 14# Med-ball, 400 Push-ups, 300 KettleBell Swings (55#/35#), 400 Thrusters 45#, 5 Rope Climbs, 400m Run carrying a 14# Med-ball.
Teams of 4: 400m Run carrying a 14# Med-ball, 300 Push-ups 200 KettleBell Swings (55#/35#) , 300 Thrusters 45#, 4 Rope Climbs, 400m Run carrying a 14# Med-ball.
Teams of 3: 400m Run carrying a 14# Med-ball, 250 Push-ups, KettleBell Swings (55#/35#), 250 Thrusters 45#, 3 Rope Climbs, 400m Run carrying a 14# Med-ball.

**The 400M runs must be completed as a team. Only two athletes can work at one time for the remainder of the exercises. The rest is up to your team...3...2...1...GO!

Push Jerk
(go heavy or work on technique at 75% of MAX)

Community Note:
This is ONE day. ONE brutal Workout. ONE Purpose.
The CrossFit Fight Gone Bad IV Fundraiser is quickly approaching (September 26th).
Click here to access our CrossFit King of Prussia Page.

We will be raising money for Athletes for a cure and the Wounded Warrior Project, the support will help fund valuable scientific research to find a cure for prostate cancer, as well as help severely injured service men and women receive the support they need to transition to civilian life.

By clicking on the page you can make a donation, You could also send the link to others to have them sponsor you for the WOD! Maybe a certain monetary amount per point? Or just come and participate in the WOD on Saturday September 26th, the cost for participation will be $20 and all proceeds go to Athletes for a Cure and the Wounded Warrior Project.


"We don't stop playing because we grow old: we grow old because we stop playing."
-George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and political activist (1856-1950)

Aimee/Todd/Meighan/Jeff/Shawn 29:15
Sam/Paul/Steph/Charlie 23:41
Han/Dan/Kevin/Dave/Lisa 30:55
Jon/Tracey/Miranda/Kristin 26:56
Mike F/Nicole/Curtin/Chris 26:56


Swine said...

That top pic should really be submitted to the mainsite. Definately could get mainsite if not affiliate post.

Chris P. said...

done and done. I didn't realize there's money involved if it gets picked!

Ray said...

Awesome picture Chris & Kristen!

Did this in the hotel with my trusty 35# KB traveling gym:

50 V Sit Ups
25L/25R KB Snatches
50 Push Ups
25L/25R KB Swings
50 Burpee
25L/25R KB Clean & Press
50 Mountain Climber

Aimee, love the new programming with a daily strength component. We are going to see huge strength gains and faster rate.

Unknown said...

Great picture, Chris and Kristen!

Jason Lyons said...

I need to apologize to the morning class. For some unknown reason, I forgot that 9 was divisible by 3 so I broke the class up into a team of 5 and 4. If anyone questions why something is being done, please say something...there is a good chance, you are right. :)

Jeff said...

Jason, given the early hour and the fact that none of us said anything because we didn't do the math either, you are forgiven. I wondered why it took our team of 5 so much longer than Team Wish They Were Awesome, and realized that even with the extra person it still takes longer to do more reps - duh. The time actually breaks down to 351 seconds of work/person for the team of 5 and 355 seconds of work/person for the team of 4, pretty close.

I've got to get a life...

Jason Lyons said...


i did the same calculations and i also noticed that team of 5 had more reps per person to do. after talking to aimee, the theory is that one person will be getting a longer break so they need more reps.

Curin said...

Jeff that is just sick that you actually calculated that....haha today might be the day that i actually die doing a WOD...haha too much captain last night :( Looking forward to some team work tonight :)

Meighan said...

Curin - how is your liver still functioning after the past few months?

Jeff said...

Jason: I totally agree with Aimee's logic regarding more reps because you get longer breaks. It just makes it harder to compare times across teams of unequal size, hence the fact that you and I were doing the time/person calculation. Which also means that either great minds think alike, or both of us need to find more productive things to do with our time. Maybe I'll just bang out my 24 burpees for today and be glad that I went to the early class when it was just humid and not god-awful hot as well.

Curin said...

well Meg I ask myself that on a daily basis. Once the summer is over i will need to stop drinking for the sugar challenge so i have to do it while i can :)

Aimee Lyons said...

Jeff and Jason, for the next Team WOD, I will make sure to consult u both for the time/per person calculation...even though I gave all the options for even or uneven teams :) haha. All good math whizzes!

Meighan said...

Go get 'em Curin!! Have fun tonight and drink alot of water! Its a bitch....but when isnt it??

Liz said...

Run 800m or so
80 pushups
80 thrusters (only had 10lb dumbells)
80 situps
80 walking lunges (40 each leg)
Run 800m or so
35:50 - much harder than I thought it was going to be!

Awesome photo, Chris and Kristen. Hope you are having a good trip!

Jason Lyons said...

the math does not make sense at all in this wod. if you look at pushups, team 5 is doing 80, team 4 is doing 75 which brings us to aim's argument that the team that takes more breaks has to do more reps...well what about team 3 that averages 83.33. does not make sense at all. need to change the math next time.

Chris P. said...

skill day

all done with 135# bar
30 deadlifts
20 power cleans
20 front squats
5 clean and jerks
20 pullups
5 bar muscle ups
24 burpees