W.O.D. 8.24.09
Dumbbell Death Grip

3 Rounds for time of:
10 Dumbbell Thruster
10 Dumbbell Step-up (10R/10L)
10 Dumbbell Push-press
200M Dumbbell Farmers Walk
*Weight will be selected based on athletes ability.

Bench Press

Back Levers by Jeff Tucker, CrossFit Journal Preview - video [wmv] [mov]

"Prolonged idleness paralyzes initiative."

Joe D. 35#KB 19:41 BP 155
Dave 25# 20:40 BP 155
Kristin 15# 17:17 BP 85
Mike B. 40# 26:15 BP 225
Curin 20# 16:20 BP 105
Miranda 25# 21:30 BP 85
JZ 30# 21:00 BP 155
Nikki 25# 19:14 BP 115 x2
Jason W. 50# 21:48 BP 295 x4
John K 30# 20:20 BP 175 x 4
Jen S. 25#KB 20:54 BP 85#
Kelly 15# 16:47 BP 45
Jim C. 35# 24:22 BP 165
Jeff 30# 22:32 BP 135
Cindy 10# 17:01 BP 85 x3
Chris S. 40# 28:09 BP 245
Nicole 20# 22:57
Liz 15# 15:59 BP 75#

Level 2 mini WOD's:
WOD 1-
100 OHS (65#/95#) for time and complete as many reps as possible in the remaining time until 10 minutes has elapsed.
Aimee 5:43 + 20
Hannah 7:59 + 10
Sam 5:16 + 25
Jason 8:42 + 4
Joe A. 50 in 10 minutes
Swine 9:36
Lisa 14:05

WOD 2-
AMRAP in 10
6 GHD Back Extension Rows 25#/45#
8 KB Swings 55#/70#

Aimee 6
Hannah 4
Sam 7 (with 30 minutes rest)
Jason 4
Swine 5
Lisa 4
Joe 3 (no HSPU)

WOD 3-
Max Handstand hold.

Aimee 2:14
Hannah 1:02
Sam 1:09
Jason 2:04
Joe A. :57
Swine 1:46
Lisa 1:25

WOD 4-
Bench Press

Aimee 105 x2
Hannah 115 x3
Sam 225 x2
Jason 155 x5
Joe A. 225 x4
Swine 155 x5
Lisa 105 x5


Nicole said...

Bench press???? Chris is going to be so excited!! Now if we had an eliptical, it would be the FAC all over again!

Nicole said...

cricket, cricket, cricket...

Unknown said...

Sad to say - I am being forced to do elliptical sprints for a work out today. ( I will then do the WOD ) No bench press press yet... I did tell my Strength Coach about how I did Crossfit and his exact words were " well if buying into a gimmick gets you to work out thats fine" . Clearly he has not been through any crossfit work outs. Miss you all !

Aimee Lyons said...

Nicole- Yes, I'm pretty sure today is going to be his favorie class, he very well might stay all night just hanging out in front of the bench press?? Dreaming of the globo gym of past....

Steph-ooooohhhhhh Elliptical sprints, how fancy! Did they make you change the grade on the eliptical? Were you in a 70 degree air condidioned room? Were the TV's on? did you read the latest SHAPE mag while you were whizzing away? I'm really just trying to set the scene! Tell him the "shakeweight" is a gimmick, not CrossFit...maybe he will join you for a WOD someday? Maybe tell him you couldn't do a pull-up when you walked in to CrossFit and now can get multiple pull-ups in a row? hummmmm, thanks for my laugh of the day! We miss you too!

Nikki said...

Steph we miss you!!! Your strength coach sounds like a jerk. I agree with Aimee that you should make him do a WOD with you someday. If you need some of us to come help you set the pace - and put him in his place - I think we could arrange a road trip! :)

Jason Lyons said...


You suck! lol. Well on a serious note, I agree with the ladies. You should pick a workout that you really like and one that you can nail and ask him to do it with you. I think he will be blown away when you eat his youth for breakfast.

On another note, I had a co-worker ask me about BodyPump today. That brought back some good memories for me. Aim may be laughing again.

Jason Lyons said...

for all saying wtf to bench presses as well. there are two workouts that involve them so it is always good to practice. the wods are lynne and linda.

Nicole said...

LOL @ elliptical sprints and body pump! I actually do miss spinning.

Steph I miss you! Find me on facebook damn it!

Jason Lyons said...

i have a trainer that i can hook a bike up to at the new gym. you can pedal and i can yell at you to sprint if you want to.

Kit said...

Geeze Steph, You're just getting all the love tonight!...i'm sorry bout your elliptical....Nicole, you forget, KoP has no squash courts and people saying wtf is that...it clearly cant be FAC. Although I did not start with you guys there, I was a member of FAC at one point in my near recent life.

I'll be seeing y'all this weekend, unless you're taking off for the beach. Phillies game anyone?

KDitty said...

Miss you Steph! Good luck with the elliptical.

Ray said...

Don't be hatin' bench presses.

Jeff said...

We miss you Steph, and we're really secretly jealous of your elliptical workout. Maybe, if you're lucky, there's a stair stepper and Us Weekly in your future. Don't forget your head phones!

Megs said...

Chris - What's the difference in all the types? http://www.shopadidas.com/searchHandler/index.jsp?searchId=43160708874&sGroup=Women%27s+Shoes&page=1&keywords=adizero

Steph - I miss you @ 6am!! No one to be grumpy with :)

Love me some Victorino!!

Joe A said...


Overhead squats ....check
Hand Stand push ups... check

I have a feeling we won't be doing bench presses again anytime soon.

Chris P. said...


looks like the Mana would be just right. First two are trail running and bottom ones look a little big in the heel.

these are the women's version of what I have, the Adizero "Pro" in case you're interested:


Jill said...

Did this WOD at Crossfit Lehigh Valley Affiliate...

800M run
25 Deadlifts
400M run
25 pushups
400M run
25 squats
800M run
25 boxjumps
400M run
400M run
25 pullups
It was a burner!

Megs said...

Thank you, Oh wise one!

Megs said...

Did this WOD at globo; 5 rounds in 53 min
Chin up neg hold
20 jumping air squats
20 sec squat hold
5L/5R Turkish Get ups
25 russian kb siwngs (45lb)
KB rainbows
should press
400m run

Kit said...

Did two tonight

Randy (75 x 75# Power snatches) - 7:08

Muscle up work per Gillian Mounsey from the other day (still excited to have run into her...although Aimee could take her).

5 min break and then...
3 RFT of:
30 GH Situps
25 Back Extensions

My legs were shaking...hammies did not enjoy the second wod. My abs, feel like their going to jump out of my skin...although the layers of skin on top have other thoughts about that...still waiting to be old enough to drink a 6 pack.

Curin said...

so I was talking with my friend tonight about crossfit and he was telling his friends who are body builders about it and they said that "crossfit is hard as hell" even they are scared to attempt it and hats off to the people that do it! atleast we get some respect somewhere :)

Nikki said...

aimee - for the level 2 wod, were the handstands against a wall or were those freestanding? i'm thinking of trying some of those wods at the 'nova gym tonite.

Aimee Lyons said...

Nikki-HS were performed against the wall.

Jason Lyons said...

against the wall chica.

i wish tim marley was there to witness the power of my 5x155 bench! hear me ROAR

Curin said...

I only did 105 2 times on the bench press :)

KDitty said...

I only did 85# 4 times.

Nicole said...

You are all rockstars!!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, Tim Marley really doesn't care.

Jason Lyons said...

I really can't figure out the purpose of that post but whatever makes you happy. My post was written to express missing one of our hardest working members, your post is pointless.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the love - miss you all too.

Run Test monday - 1.5 miles in 11 minutes.
Think I should be good .... despite the fact I have had way too much fun back at school especially now that I am legal!