W.O.D. 8.25.09
Run 1600 Meters
Rest 5 Minutes
Run 800 Meters
Rest 4 Minutes
Run 400 Meters
Rest 3 Minutes
Run 200 Meters

Push Press

Running Shoe Technology, Brian Mackenzie ...[wmv][mov]

"To perfect things, speed is a unifying force," the race-car driver Michael Schumacher has said. "To imperfect things, speed is a destructive force."

Paul 6:38/3:00/1:21/:36
Sam 6:40/3:20/1:20/:41
Trisha 8:36/4:02/1:54/:49
Jen S. 8:01/3:39/1:36/:45
Nikki 7:26/3:25/1:35/:42
JZ 7:23/3:03/1:27/:39
Miranda 9:18/4:16/1:47/:51
Jeff 9:03/4:25/1:52/:51
Mike F. 9:13/4:33/2:03/:57
Mike B. 7:55/3:38/1:32/:42
Jim C. 8:55/4:23/1:48/:48
Liz 8:26/4:24/1:59/:51
Meg 8:51/4:19/1:58/:55
Shawn 7:51/3:37/1:30/:44
Joe 8:26/3:52/1:38/:47
Gina 10:34/5:21/2:41/1:05
Patti 10:17/5:06/2:36/1:08


Swine said...

This post is my affirmation that I hate globo gyms. Open at 5am??? "I love to run on the ellipical and do biceps curls at 5am so I can get tone" These people need to wake up and smell the crossfit.
Thanks I am done ranting.

Jason W said...

Working out for the better part of my life in "globo gyms", "gold's", "world's" etc... those days taught me alot about working out. Those days for me are over now that Crossfit was introduced to me 2 yrs ago. However, those gyms serve a specific purpose for those that are limited to time, money, ability, motivation what ever.. some just like to go and socialize in between sets.. thats fine.. to them its better than sitting on a couch watching Springer in my book. If it wasnt for those gyms, most of us wouldnt have the focus to bring it to the next level with Crossfit. Crossfit isnt for everyone, it can be but it intimidates alot of beginners or season vetrans. Yes "globogyms" are not for us, but dont mock those that do. Its all about bettering life by ANY exercise.
Thanks, I am done ranting as well.

Curin said...

Miranda would like to post the following:

does anyone have a window a/c unit that they are getting rid of or selling? Also, any bathroom rugs?

Patti said...

Hey Miranda, I may know someone that has an ac unit. I will check and let you know. Also, did you look on craigslist? Sometimes they have ac listings.

Nikki said...

Jason - well said! I agree that even if a person is sitting on a machine between reps, or reading a magazine while walking on the treadmill, it's 10X better than if that person were sitting at home watching tv. It's a step in the right direction at least! (One caveat... it's a step in the right direction provided that the 30 minute treadmill walk doesn't become a justification for eating french fries and icecream that night!)

Jason Lyons said...

if i were a muscle head hanging at golds with the weight belt in my past, i would probably be able to do linda right now so what they are doing may be preparing them for something.

it all depends on what you want to get out of it. if you want to dead 800 pounds, cf is probably not for you. remember that cf prepares you to be better at things you need to do OUTSIDE of the gym...picking up your neices and nephews, picking up groceries, putting that heavy box back on the shelf, etc. doing bi-cep curls will define that muscle but it really does not apply to activities that we do in everyday life. so, i see cf as a getting healtier tool rather than a getting ripped tool.

Curin said...

thanks Patti Ill let her know. i think she has been looking on craigs list too. let me know if you know someone so i can tell her :)

Appalachian Athlete said...

Hello Everyone! Second day in a row I have all the equipment needed! Dumbells yesterday (20lbs (hey, that's all i have) in 13:24) and sneakers today.

I've been bouncing between mainsite wods, CFKoP wods and making up my own to do outside as I haven't even really begun to look for a new gym up here in State College yet. I've got the time until the weather starts to get cold.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to CFKoP crew from Central PA. I'll be in one of these weekends, can't wait to see the new box.


Nicole said...

WE MISS YOU DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!

Appalachian Athlete said...

Gee, Nicole, thanks, I miss you guys too.

It's actually harder than i thought to maintain intensity now that I'm back to working out alone. And as for all the globo gym discussion here: many of PRs in the almost 3 years I spent CFing at LA Fitness came as a direct result of the trainers. They'd come 'correct' my form or my methods and the anger would go up and the times would go down... like magic.


Jill said...

At LA Fitness I spent over $140 a month on "personal trainers" who didnt show up, or talked on their cellphones while "training" me, were not in shape themselves, who showed up late to appointments; to NEVER see any results and I actually ended up gaining more weight. It really was a total waste of money and time. Im so glad that I found crossfit. I finally found something that pushed me to physical limits i never thought I could possible!

Chris P. said...

I wonder if there are more crossfitters who start a consistent workout regiment(sp?) with Crossfit, or if more convert from a globogym life. I am of the former camp, but I feel like the latter have an advantage of starting with more strength. Jason benching 295 four times and still doing the wod with 50# might be evidence of this. Part of me wishes that I did something before Crossfit so that I could have done wods Rx'd off the bat. Just my opinion.

As for today's wod:
1600m - 5:50
800m - 2:41
400m - 1:15
200m - 0:56

had to estimate the distances for 400m and 200m but they aren't off by much.

Day 30 Burpees

Jason Lyons said...

If I ever ran a 5:50 mile, I would do the next one buck ass naked.

Joe A said...

The problem isn't globo gyms its the lack of good information thats accessible to people. When people think excercise they think long endless stints on a treadmill or ellptical to burn calories away as a punishment.

If people understood what it is to workout functionally then globo gyms would adjust to what people demand. Crossfit is still a very small niche in the market. People just don't have access to information of how to work out. Most of the people that find crossfit is from researching on their own on the web or from a friend.

Chris P. said...

Jason, when you do, I'm going to be there to make sure it happens.

Joe, good call.

Here's a link to a Times article I found about exercising and eating...some of it I kind of agree with, some of it I definitely don't: