Chris P. contemplating the push-up...

Solid swings Lisa!

W.O.D. 8.11.09
3 Rounds of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Kettlebell swings (35#/55#)*
*If the kettlebell is put down (Which includes, YES, all of the following excuses, I didn't mean to drop it, ooops slipped out of my hand, oh I really didn't want to put that down...blah blah blah) during the set of 40 swings, you must buy back in with 10 burpees for each time you set it down.

Jon Gilson from CrossFit Again Faster contemplates the notion that CrossFit is a cult [link]. Your thoughts?

Community note:
This is a big birthday week for 4 athletes at CFKoP. Birthdays are as follows-- Joe A. is the 10th, Swine is the 11th, Kristin is the 12th and Lisa is the 13th...but since no one seems to be around on their birthday we will make sure to celebrate with burpees next week!!!

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit
Kristin 23:51 (35#)
Jon 17:23 (45#)
Steph 25:42 (Rx)
Jason W 12:00 (Rx)
Chris P 18:10 (Rx)
Mike F 29:31 (Rx)
Miranda 32:06 (Rx)
Todd 26:59 (25/35#)
Lisa 17:55 (Rx)
Mom 13:40 (scale)
Dad 14:44 (scale)
Swine 19:23 (Rx)
Charlie 25:35 (55/45#)
Kelly 23:50 (25#)
Jeff 17:43 (Rx)
Nikki 23:55 (Rx)
Jim C 27:37 (Rx)
Devin 24:18 (Ring Rows-35#)
Meighan 22:46 (35# green)
CP 19:43 (35# blue)
Jen C 19:56 (Rx)
Nick 26:14 (25# black)


Swine said...

Get ready to do 31 burpees tomorrow 530 and 630.

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Swine/Paul/Josh!!

Ray said...

Happy B-Day Paul!

I agree with Jon that CrossFit is not a cult; however, it is a distinct subculture.

Subculture - a group of people with a culture (whether distinct or hidden) which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong.

You have to admit, we are not hard wired like the rest of the crowd. Our wires are just a tad more twisted!

Jill said...

Hmm...my friends that don't do Crossfit refer to my "crossfit addiction" as a "cult" that I am a part of.

I often get frustrated when people ask me what I do at Crossfit I find it hard to put into words. I just say its a place i go every week to get my ass kicked.

Curin said...

hmmmmm i think that if you can't make it to the box on your birthday we have to watch you do your own birthday burpees....haha I only say that because burpees are my nemisis :) Happy B Day to all :)

Meighan said...

Jill- I agree 100% with not knowing how to explain. Words dont do the pain justice!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Paul - so do birthday burpees count towards the burpee challenge burpees for those of us doing them?

Meighan said...

Lisa - are you going to do your Burpess on the plane to Vegas? maybe you can score some free drinks

Chris P. said...

happy birthday Paul!

John Welbourne in "Every Second Counts" talks about cults and their criteria: certain language ("What's your Fran time?"), certain clothes ( trading affiliate shirts), certain food (Zone/Paleo), etc. If you think about it, even the idea that we all wait at our computers for Coach/Aimee to post WODs at night is funny to think about. (am I the only one who does that?)

I don't think Crossfit is a cult simply because nothing is forced. There are no fees you HAVE to pay (I had been doing Crossfit at a school gym for over a year before joining KOP), you can take rest days for as long as you want, and you don't have to eat Zone/Paleo. Even the information on the website is open source, a rare thing to see these days! It allows for people to decide for themselves what works.

I do think Crossfit attracts people who are competitive, goal oriented, and dare I say, Type A. When this happens, these people (absolutely myself included) are going to go share as much as they can with others b/c it is fun, interesting, and it just works! It is a community and people are proud to be part of that community.

I can understand how people unfamiliar with Crossfit see it as a cult. Kristin and I recently told some friends we went to the "Sugar Blues" seminar and they told us we were weird. I think Crossfit has a lot of ideas that are totally against common knowledge (the food pyramid is all wrong, bicep curls aren't functional, time your workouts) so it all goes back to the phrase: people fear what they don't understand. This results in the community being seen as a cult. I, however, think it is an amazing community of friendly people willing to support each other in new and exciting physical, mental, and emotional endeavors.

Aimee Lyons said...

Chris- Well said!
...and no you are not the only one hitting refresh at 10:00PM :) we are happy to have you and Kristin as part of our ever growing community!

Jason Lyons said...

a couple things...

1) happy birthday everyone

2) cult or no cult, i think addiction is more accurate especially when you see people typing that they can't possibly go a week without working out. :)

3) how to explain cf to people that ask. i like to start fancy. i would say, "constantly varied, high intensity functional movements designed to increase work capacity across broad time, modal, and age domains." at this point, they will probably look at you like you have three eyes or are super smart. when you see the puzzlement in their face, break it down...

constantly varied - you will do many many different workouts before repeating and repeating is only necessary to measure improvement to get a data point

high intensity - you push as hard as you can while you are working out. no strolling on a threadmill here

functional movements - we perform movements that translate to real life situations. picking stuff off the ground, putting something overhead, etc. no bi-cep curls or anything else that works only one muscle group. we work MANY muscle groups at once.

increased work capacity - improve your ability to perform work as measured by (force*distance)/time. this is equal to your power output. we will make you more powerful.

time domains - we do most workouts for time. when you finish it quicker, your power increases and thus your ability to perform work has increased. i.e. you are stronger. also related to the fact that some workouts are 2-4 minutes depending on how good you are.

modal domains - this simply refers to the different skills and drills that we perform

age domains - this is scalable to any age level and any fitness level. you can see an improvement over time. some people start in their late 60's and are setting pr's 8 years later.

these are things that they teach you at the cert to get people interested. simply to learn and if you have been in class, i am sure you know these things by heart. you just have a hard time putting it into one sentence so use the one above. :)

Cindy said...

When Kelly Clarkson talks about doing Crossfit, it's not a cult ... it's mainstream!


Scott M said...

I just want to give a shout to Ray, Thanks man, Ive had 2 people come up to me at class and say you were saying very nice things about me. I appreciate it Semper..

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Ray said...

Yeah, Dog. No better friend, no worse enemy.

OoooRah that.

KDitty said...

Just to clarify...I used the green band today. What a workout!?!