Kristin with some All-Star cleans today!
What do you do with your barbell tubes?
Chris with a serious weighted Push-up...170 # was the max!
*the silver plate is 100lbs!

W.O.D. 8.23.09
Hang power clean
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Weighted Push-ups
1-1-1-1-1 reps

Robb Orlando, 100 Body Weight Squats - video [wmv] [mov]

"The greatest test of courage on Earth is to bear defeat without losing heart."
- Robert Green Ingersoll

Results HPC/WPU:
Jeff 145/110
Swine 160/110
Hannah 125/45
Aimee 125/70
Scott 160/155
Sam 180/145
Charlie 190/70
Jim C. 155/80
Mike B. 180/145
Cindy 85/105(knees)
Lisa 115/70
Gina 55/?
Jason W. 225/225
Jason L. 200/100
Mike F. 175/170
Granny 110/40
Nikki 110/65
Chris P. 175/150
Kristin 100/20
Chris S. 155/170
Nicole 105/?


Ray said...

Did this WOD this morning in Green Bay:

25 Burpee
25 Dips
25 Pull Ups
25 Squats
Long run along river trail
30 minutes total duration

Heading home today.

jill said...

did this at the globo gym.

85# hang power clean

30# weighted pushup

Jim Curran said...

any recommendations for sneakers?? I am beating the crap out of my shoes, any preferred crossfit brands/styles that last more than 2 months w/o getting torn, etc.

Scott M said...

Totally the old school nike or something NB would be better for the running that we do. Its not price but quality.

Jason Lyons said...

i agree with scott. if you look at the shoes that i wear, i wear the new balance 373 series. they are a great all around sneaker. they are an old school running shoe so running is not painful and they are flat enough that lifting is decent as well. also, the entire bottom is one design so there is no arch near your arch that the rope easily slides through when doing rope climbs and it is one less thing the rope can get caught on in double unders. they are 50 bills at dsw and last about 6 months in typical cf torture.

you will also notice that some people are keeping chucks in their car for lifting days. this is a good shoe for lifting but they are not the best for running but people get used to it. they are also super cheap. you could have different colors for different days.

Chris P. said...

I like the Adizero Pro by Adidas. They go along with Crossfit's idea of POSE running and are flat enough to do heavy deadlifts if needed. It will take some time to get used to running on a flat sole, but we were born to run barefoot!

Other recommended shoes: Adidas Sambas, Puma H Streets, Mizuno Wave Universe 2, or any other flat sole shoe. (some crossfitters really like DC shoes and Converse) Nike Frees actually have a substantial heel, so although their marketing is towards barefoot running, it's not as good as you can get. If you go to a shoe store, ask for a flat road racer. If they recommend not going that extreme, ignore them. Intentions are good, but the best way to get used to a flat sole is walking around in them and slowly transitioning to running short distances and eventually longer. No sense in buying a pair of shoes that you'll only use for 2 months.

There are good videos on crossfit about correct running, pluse here are websites about POSE:
http://www.crossfitendurance.com WFS
http://www.posetech.com/ WFS

Aimee Lyons said...

Jim-There are many thoughts and personal preferances when it comes to shoes...Chris is spot on with his post and also there are MANY CrossFitters who swear by the Vibram Five Fingers...http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/

I personally haven't gone there yet...but you could be on the cutting edge!!!

Kit said...


What are your thoughts on shoes for a marathon? I'm doing the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I am currently running with Asics DS Trainer and my knee is killing me today. First time i've done some substantial distance in a while, so that might be the issue, but I usually dont have issues with them.

Also, does anyone reccomend any inserts they prefer over the ones given with the shoes?

Aimee, my next splurge is going to be those 5 Fingers. I was supposed to get them for x-mas but my mom had no idea what they were or where to get them....And yes, stanta clause (my mother) still brings me gifts, and I like it, so dont hate.

Swine said...


I went to the Bryn Mar Running Club near the independent movie theatre and told them my story and about Crossfit and my feet (I have no arch) I first walked up and down the place with no shoes and they evualated the way I walked and with that, they pulled a couple of pairs of sneakers for me and as I tried them on they told me what each did and what how they felt. I found the pair that I need and have been great since then. From now I am going only there for my shoes.

Chris P. said...

per the Vibrams, people seem to either love them or hate them, so there might be conflicting views among Crossfitters. Brian Mackenzie actually does not endorse Vibrams for running as people may think. He loves DC shoes for regular workouts and hanging out, racing flats for running, and lifting shoes for heavy lifts.

Kit, I don't have a crazy amount of racing experience, but I've done two Broad Street 10 milers and the Philly Half. For the most recent Broad Street run I used Adizero Pros (and a recent 5k). Felt great after both, did not need much recovery time at all. Before that I used Brooks Infinitis which felt amazing at the time, but now when I put them on they feel HUGE in the heel. I did need about a week to recover after the Philly half but whether that was training related or shoe related, I couldn't tell. I do know that with better form comes more efficiency which leads to less energy expenditure. The great thing about POSE running is that shoes last much longer b/c you're not pounding away at the heel, wearing the shoe down.

As for your insert question, Mackenzie would say that any pronation/supination correction would only impede your natural gait, so stay away from inserts. Personally no experience with these.

I just looked it up and the USMC Marathon is Oct. 25 which should give you plenty of time to get racing flats/road racers and ease into them to avoid major calf/shin aches. Wear them as much as possible, even just walking around. I suggest going to a running store if there is one nearby and checking out their selection. I bought mine online but only after finding the right size in a store. Or you can be like the Tarahumara Indians and run with a leather sandal:

http://www.popsci.com/entertainment-amp-gaming/article/2009-05/running-barefoot WFS

Ray said...

“Vibram 5 Fingers are gay. They make you look gay. And there are better ways to look gay.”
- Mark Rippetoe

Hey, I'm just the messenger!

Ray said...

Kit, maybe Mom saw the Rippetoe quote and decided against them!

Kit said...


Nikki said...

Sorry to join this conversation late...

Kit - I just wanted to second Swine's suggestion that you go to an actual running store, have them look at your foot, and make a recommendation for the shoe that will provide the best support based on how you naturally distribute weight on your feet. Having the right shoe will make ALL the difference when you're running a marathon.

I wouldn't recommend a flat shoe unless you are used to them. Leave the flat shoe for XFit training and perhaps some shorter runs... with the marathon fast approaching get a nice supportive RUNNING shoe.