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Chris P. said...

love the story Jason, and the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to write and the courage to disclose information so close to you

Kit said...


Well said. That is a great story. You are very lucky to have met Aimee, and we're lucky to have you backing her in all her efforts.

Sounds like you need to take her on a Zone date.

Keep it up.


Hannah said...

jas, i remember when you used to do knees to elbow but it was more like knees to gut back when we were at FAC using the big fat bar. working out with you or coaching me you push me more than you probably realize. thanks for the inspiration...its a daily battle to eat healthy, i wish i had an aimee at my house to cook zone-ish for me. LUCKY!

Mike F said...

Thanks for the post. I will try to follow your lead and get my weight down to under 200lbs for the first time since I was in 11th grade.

Cindy said...

Jason, you and Aimee make a formidable team. I don't think I would be doing the things with my life now had I not met you both. I am so glad you took the time to write your story and share it with us. As Chris said, that took courage! But what really says courage to me is how you approach your journey: with honesty, candor, humor; and transparency of heart, soul and body. I thank you for being an inspiration to me and an on-going reminder of what can be accomplished when you apply focus, discipline ... and a little whiskey!

Erik Miller said...

Great story Jason. Good luck with the zone/no sugar this month. Stick with it and you will be amazed with the results. Zone is no joke! Aimee, new box looks good and HHUUUGGGEE. I hope to visit again soon.

Patti said...

Thanks for sharing your story. You and Aimee are an inspiration to me. I need to work on my diet as well. I love sugar and carbs:) I am going to try to follow the no-sugar plan for the month as well. It's going to be hard but I will give it my all. Thanks for helping me see that I won't always need to scale down weight to get through a workout:)