W.O.D. 9.9.17

Three rounds for time: 
Run 400 meters 
21 Kettlebell swings 35/53#
12 Pull-ups

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Community Notes: 
Join us today for the Helen for Houston Fundraiser.
Members and their friends and family are invited to come and do the workout. 

 Class is free but we are asking all participants to pay a "drop in" fee in the suggested amount of $20. We will add all money collected for the day to our donation. Bring cash or checks made out to CrossFit King of Prussia or donate directly here: 


 More information: 

"To do more for the world than the world does for you-that is success."
-Henry Ford

1 comment:

CFKOP iPad said...


Holly 11:44 row
Jeremy 10:18 Rx
Laura P 8:42 Rx
Mae 15:11 row
Tim P 9:20 Rx
Laura S 12:10 rus band
Ina 13:13 26 band
Joe T 13:05 Rx
Bekah 11:51 band
Corey 10:57 Rx
Nate 12:30 Rx
Steph v 1:47 row band


Kevin B 10:31
Michael c 11:20 Rx
Cline 13:31 Rx
Fayth 15:18 band
Pete 12:32 Rx
Erik 15:29 Rx
Stephanie c 13:35
Gia 15:34 band
Triny 15:45 18 rr
Mike m15:07 44
Karen 15:05 Rx
Nicole m 15:17 Rx- ish(rom)