Dmitry Klokov jerking 197kg/435lb at the Norwood Weightlifting seminar a few days ago at CrossFit KOP

Squat Cleans (95/135#)
Ring Dips

Community Notes:
All weekend classes on Saturday December 14th and Sunday December 15th will be held at the Annex. Meet and park there.  CrossFit Kids "cubs" class will be cancelled. 

"The rewards are going to come, but my happiness is just loving the sport and having fun performing."
- Jackie Joyner Kersee


King said...

That is exactly what my split jerk looks like....no reallly it is.

That is a freaken awesome pic!

Anonymous said...

"Hello. My Name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Chris P. said...


Unknown said...

Well done Chris. That was a tough one

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 15:11 (rx)----slow but got the work in! All 45 ring dips!

Paul S said...

Kathleen 8:12 #65pwr, parr
Fugo 12:26 #55pwr, parr
Jill 10:08 #55pwr, parr
Fran 9:09 #25, parr
Ronnie 11:18 #55, parr
Al V. 7-8ishRX
Christ 7:53 #55, band
Kara 9:00 #55, band
Jonathan 5:12 #75, parr
Brian St. 8:50 #35, parr
Rich 9:49 #75, parr

Rich has been working on his mobility, coming in 30min before class every day, today it paid off for him. Good Job Rich, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

that was a tough one?

Arnold said...

I love the pump you get from tabata curls. It makes me so happy to feel that pump in the gym, in the car, sitting at home. I can't get enough of the pump, I love it!

Paul S said...

arnold and klokov all in one blog post!!

mike s 15:13 85/bnd
kim 13:00 65/bnd
tracy 14:05 70/bnd
erika 8:26 55/bdn
Klutch 9:29 Rx
Brian H 14:16
becca 14:47 55/bnd

oleg :)sc
Peter 10:32rx
Chip ouchie
matt b 16:04 bnd
Matt B 16:04 bnd
Dinger 12:09 85/bnd
Mark c :) sc
Rachel W 15:56 85/bnd

Brandon 9:53 115
JJ from CFbilltown 6:20pwr
Denise 8:56 75pwr/bnd
Roman 10:38 115/bnd
Lauren 7:23 53pwr/bnd

Paul S said...

5:30 Mobility

John M
Joe A
Tom C

Thats right it says Joe A... Big Joe that comes in for strength came in for mobility instead. Very proud pf you Joe! Luke and John's OHS are coming along very nicely and soon enough they will be text book. The key is consistency. Great work everyone

Paul S said...

Dave 18:32 band
John M 10:05 115/band (black/blue)
Jessie 11:52
Dianne 8:36
LP 11:48 band
Justin R 7:10 parr
Travis 6:36 parr
Anne B 8:34 40# parr

Steph C 10:10 55/band
Jess S 16:00 55/band
Alona 11:13 75/band
Ryan S 10:30 105
Carter 4:30 53kb/24" box
Abigail 4:20 35kb/17" box
*Keith C
Austin 3:47 70kb/24" box