CFKoP coaches and members continue to better their training...
today we learned from Dimitri Klokov, Vasily Polovnikov and Ilya Ilyin

AMRAP in 8 minutes
Run 200 Meters
8 Power Cleans (95/135#)

rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP in 6 minutes
4 Snatches (95/135#)
1 Rope Climb

Rest 2 Minutes
AMRAP in 4 minutes
5 Thrusters (95/135#)
5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Record score as rounds and reps.

Community Notes:
All weekend classes will be held at the Annex. We are hosting a Level 1 seminar.  Please meet and park at the Annex.

This Saturday, 12/14,  CrossFit R5 is hosting a Masters Madness competition.  CrossFit KoP has the following athletes competing; please go out and cheer them on...Cate K, Susan, Lauren M., Roni, Ericka, Diane PR., Stasie, Mark C., Patrick P., King and Mike P.
“Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision.”
-Muhammad Ali


Travis said...

I'm gonna power clean some weight. Then, I'll climb a rope or 2!

Anonymous said...

"Can I be frank with you?" "Sure, but can I still be Garth?"

Samson said...

Great pics with a stud OLY lifter!

emilyyannabella said...

9:30, such a great group today! Lots of fun!
Roni: 3/3/3 sc
Jackie: 4/5/3 sc
Jonathan: 6/5/5 RX
Nick: 6/3/2 sc
Nicole: 6/3/4 sc
Diane: 4/6/5
Rachel: 6/4/4 sc

Jen Naspinski said...

So 2014 is on its way - anyone have thoughts on their crossfit goals for the new year? I need to set some - besides getting back to regular attendance.

Steph V said...

Erika 3+row(85), 3r+4 (65/rp), 3R+3(65)
Rachel W 3r+row(85), 4r+4(65/RP), 3R=5(65/bnd)
Nick C 3R Row, 3R(115), 3r(115)
Kim 3+row(65), 4(45), 4(rr,45)
Kathleen 4 (row/55), 6(35/rp), 3 (55/rr)
Roni 3+row(80), 5R=4(65), 3+8(75)
Peter 5r Row, 5(115), 3(115

Jessey 4r, 6R(rp), 5R(rr) -53#
Fran 3R,4R(rp), 4r (rr)- 35#
Pam 3r+5(85), 6R(65/rp), 4 (75,Bnd)
King 4rRx, 5R(115),4r(115)
Barb 3r(63), 4r+4(53/rp), 4r+5 (53/rr)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to post to say I was wrong with my campaign for Derrick to get most likely to take a break during a wod. He didn't stop ttonight the entire time or maybe the award was the motivation to not stop anymore, either way it was awesome.

Also great wod today Aimee.

Ryan B

Travis said...

Ryan, are you sure you liked the entire wod?!?!

Jen S. said...

Dave 4+3/3+1/2+5 (115#)
Jill 4+1/4/3 (65/55/65)
Kelly 4/5/2+9 (65/55/55)
Tracy 3+1/4+4/3+1 (65/55/55)
Joe B 4+1/4/4 (95/85/85)
Steph 3/3/3 (65/55/55)

What a great group tonight! So much energy :) Great job working on the lifts tonight and keeping up intensity in the workouts! Welcome to Joe tonight dropping in from Crossfit Broadstreet!

Chris P. said...

Ryan B(aby) 4/3/2+8 (185)
Samson 5+5/4/3 (95)
AOTM 4/5/3 (135/95)
Lauren G 5/4/3 (35)
Joy 4/5/3+7 (83/53)
Roman 5/5+2/4 (95)
John M 4/4+3/2 (115/95)
Travis 3+3/4+4/2+3 (135/115)

Derreck 4+run/8/3 (135)
Klutch 4/4/3+1 (135/115)
LP 4/5/3 (95/75)
Patrick 5/4/3 (135/115/95)
Anne Br 3+row/5/3 (35/15)
Shawna 3/5/2+4 (55/35)
Alona 4/4+2/3+2 (85/65)
Oleg 4/4/2 (135/115/db)

Lucille 3/4+3/2+3 (55/35)
Conn 4/4+3/3 (95)
Borden 4+run/4+4/3+3 (95)
Kate C 5/4/4 Rx
Johnny 4/4+4/2+8 (135/115)
Stasie 3/4/2+1 (65/55)
Jen S 3+4/4/2+2 (95)
Pablo 4/4+4/4 (75)

I can attest to Ryan's statement about Derreck. He was a machine!