Congratulations to Travis and Kristen on their marriage!!!

Take 15 minutes to find a 1RM in the following complex:
Push Press / Push Jerk / Split Jerk
Bars may be taken from the racks.

20 – 16 – 12 – 8 rep rounds of
Front Rack Forward Lunges (95/65)
After each round, do 10 toes-to-bar and run a 400m.

Community Notes:
Festivus - our annual holiday party is on Thursday evening. We hope you can all make it, if you cannot make the evening party we will have a mini-festivus at 9:30AM on Thursday. 

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
-Coach Darrel Royal


Tim P said...


Peter W 145/165/175, 14:53
Jeff G (Boston) 115/115/115, 13:22KTE
Erika 115/115/125, 16:05 kte
Oleg 185/195/205, 15:47
Gina 85/95/105, 15:42 t2b
Dinger 115/115/115, 15:34sc.
Kristin T 120/125/125, 13:42

Paul S said...

Tim what are the three numbers?
PushPress/PushJerk/SplitJerk ?

Chris P. said...

Ryan 275/14:27
Kate C 155/13:00
Travis 155/16:01 (65#)

Congrats to Travis who got married, headed off to Thailand for his honeymoon, and then took a week and a half off when he got back.

Miranda said...

Congrats Travis!!!

Miranda said...
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Melanie said...

Congratulations Travis!!!!

Chris P. said...

Denise: "Travis, would it be ok if I set you up with my friend?"
Travis: "Ummm, well I'm getting married in 3 weeks..."

true story

Jason Lyons said...

I think Travis hired a model for that picture. If not...well done sir, you and I should get together and write a book on how to get girls out of our league.


Paul S said...

AOTM 205, 17:29RX
Ryan S. 145, 13:33RX
Kara 88, 17:33SC
Christ 83, 17:17SC
Bre 130
Joe G. 195, 19:00SC
Jonathan 175, 14:00SC
Fugo 65, 16:38SC

Paul S said...

Jason hahahahahahah

Chris P. said...

Jason just simultaneously made fun of Travis while hitting on his wife, wow. haha!