Get your new BBC hoodie today, limited quantities!

For time:
150 WallBalls (14/20 to 9/10ft)
*(Every Minute on the Minute complete three toes to bar!)

Your score is the total time to complete all 150 WallBalls

Community Notes:
Today we will run the following classes
9:30 AM
10:30 AM - Structured and BBC Strength
12:00 PM

Is anyone interested in purchasing a portion of a Cow Share? If so post to comments or email Melanie at Melanie@crossfitharmony.com

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston Churchill


Coach Paul said...

Balmer 7:41 RX
KT 9:44 RX
Rich P. 14:00 #14
Diane 11:28 SC
Nick Z. 10:35 RX
Lauren G. 10:24 SC
Ronnie 10:43 SC
Justin R. 12:50 RX
Mark C. 10:49 RX
David C. 9:56 SC
Fran 8:04 SC
Kathleen 16:41 sub KBS
Joe G. 14:00 #14
Junia 10:24 RX

Stephanie Vincent said...

Dave 12:40 110reps
Branden 9:32 rx
Tropical Pete 8:55 rx
Sharon 12:35 75reps
Oleg 13:41rx
Rachel 10:42 100reps