W.O.D. 8.8.14

For time:
800 Meter Run
200 Meter Sled Drag (100 Meters Forward, 100 Meters Backward)*
1000 meter Row

*RX go 50 lbs over body weight on the sled

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” 
 ― William Faulkner


Unknown said...

How do you view situations? Are they road blocks, problems, and catastrophes? Do you allow the situations in your life to slow you down and stop you from persuing your goals, and dreams? OR do you look at your situation as a building block to your success and something solid to build a firm foundation on? And when met with a problem focus on the solution? I look at everything like one day some else will go through what I'm going through and I will be able to offer guidance to them... Hopefully!

Tim P said...

Results of the Timed Mile on the track last night:
Proud of these guys and gals!

Come out next time we will test again in about 6 weeks, but in the mean time 530pm every thursday intervals will get some work done to the anaerobic system.

1st Austin C 6:46
2nd Matt H 6:49
3rd Tre 6:51
Laura P 7:03
JZ ! 7:12
Mike C 7:20
Carter B 7:23
Jess C 7:24
Jen Solt 7:45
Alona 7:52
Tim Hen. 8:04

Paul S said...

Diane 16:38 RX+
Britt 15:32 AD
Barb 19:55 AD
Jill 15:47 RX *
Rich 19:04 RX *
Tori 18:05 RX *
King 11:51 RX
Michal 16:04 RX+ *
Rach 15:17 RX
Arieanne 17:27 RX *
Denise 16:25 RX *

AD- AirDyne
* - First RX

Lots of First time RX today. Great job to everyone.

King said...

Sorry I missed Lauren and Chip - Ahhhhh hope you are back soon!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Fred 11:40Rx
Justin R 10:36 Rx
Ellie 12:21 135

Jill a 13:49 Rx
mark R 12;47 Rx
Lauren 15:07 180#
Chip 12:39 Rx
NickC 12:41 Rx
Melissa 19:47 170#
Pete 12:03 rx
Jon 11:45 Rx
Kim G 15:38 170#

Chris 19:22 200M Prowler + body weight +50#
Eric 16:13 rx
marci 20:15 155#
Kelly 16:31 135#
Mark C 12:27 Rx
Joe G 16:57Rx

matt H 13:17 rx
Ann B 16:57 135
Sarah W 18:25 @135

Great seeing some old faces at the 7am!!! :-)))

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

Jen S
Matt H

Paul S said...

Alona 14:24 RX
Jess 14:08 RX
Ryan 15:13 RX