The Performance Program

Take pride in what you do and what you are capable of doing, drive your potential to perform to the next level with the "The Performance Program". Aimee and Paul will be providing a small group personal training for 8 weeks, this program will be individualized (to meet goals) and to increase your Strength, Power, Speed and Gymnastics ability. This 8 week program is open for men and women of all levels and abilities, the first session will run with 8 athletes in attendance, first come first served. Sessions will start on September 8th and end on November 1st, we will meet on Monday/Thursday at 5:30PM (in the Annex) and Saturday at 11:00AM (in the Annex/Main gym). Nutrition counseling and accountability will be part of the overall package.

Cost: $500 (24, 1 hour, semi-private sessions with coaches Aimee and Paul)

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Sarah said...

That sounds awesome! gosh dang it I have practice until 5:45 and then homework! Do you think I can skip high school and study crossfit?