W.O.D. 8.7.14

4 Rounds for time of:
50 Strung Double Unders
15 Strung Overhead Squats (65/95#)
10 Strung Pull-ups

Coaches Notes:
Just a reminder that the above WOD is RX, if you cannot string the sets together that's ok...just maximize your intensity and keep the mechanics up. Scale according to level and ability, if you need to cut the reps in order to string the sets that's an option as well.

Community Notes: 

One mile time trial (plus some more TP trials) on the track at CFEndurance tonight at 5:30PM at the Upper Merion Track!!! Claim a top spot on the board!?!

Don't forget about open gym on Sunday from 11-1PM. Free for all KoP members to work on a skill, strength or missed workout.

 The Bridgeport Barbell Club has 14 lifters competing on Sunday at CrossFit Generation in a mock Olympic Lifting meet. Come out to support everyone if you have some time on Sunday, the ladies get going at about 8:00AM and the event will run through the morning and early afternoon. A few of your coaches are competing...guess who???!!!

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” 
 ― Molière


Unknown said...

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Tim P said...


Justin R 14:49 (65#)
Fredrick 9:27 (65)
Brian H 12:12 (scaled/33#)
King 17:30 depth
Pete 11:09 (3rounds)
Jon P 18:57 scaled

Aimee Lyons said...

Susan 16:36 55/(10ohs/5pull-ups)
Diane 14:36 (25 DUA/green)
Alejandra 17:21 22#/floss/blue
Laura 11:40 ALL strung except last set of pull-ups 9/10!! NICE JOB!
Sarah 17:45 20 DUA 33#
Barb 16:43 Row/35#blue

Aimee Lyons said...

Chris D 22:30 Scaled/25DU
Fran 21:49 20#/blue/20DU
Rachel 25:55 55#/band/25DU
Gavin 17:11 65#/20DUA
Pam 17:50 53#/band
Marci 26:44/20DUA/green

Refining skills can be a frustrating part of getting better. Keep working hard and soon you will see improvements...

Aimee Lyons said...

Kate 17:44 25#/band/DUA
Kyle 16:10 5#DB, kipping, ring rows
Bre 16:58 (first class --5 DU in a row)
Roman 14:55 75#
Alex 15:36 75#
Jill 16:16 55#DUA
Sarah 14:16 band/box 17#/ball/22#
Keith 10:43 (so close to Rx)

Keith B said...


Chris B 17:40 65 band
Patrick 16:34 65 broken
Shawna 20:36 35 su broken
Josh P 15:58 75 broken
Stephanie C 12:45 35 su broken