Fight Gone Bad at CFG.
*Dan above after his "fight gone bad"
A special thanks to all the CrossFit KoP-ers, Hannah, Scott, Jason, Doreen and Ray for coming out to support CF Generation and most importantly the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund which the FGB fundraiser at CFG benefited! Your amazing job to day is just a reflection of all the dedication you put into your training. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

I was bringing up the rear today with a mere 170. The good news is that it was a great cause, great fun, and I now have a starting benchmark.

FGB Goals:

I WILL get 200+ next attempt now that I know what to expect and with a little more conditioning.

225 to 250 by July

250 to 275 this time next year

It is a simple matter of doing the work and willing it to happen. However, I do expect several kicks in the ass from you folks along the way!

Awesome job everyone. I'm gonna catch ya!

Anonymous said...

I think got the better end of the deal with the Fight Gone Bad. At least our pain was over in about 17 minutes!