Meet Jackie.
W.O.D. 1.23.09

for time:
Row 1000M
50 Thrusters at 45lbs
30 Pull Ups

Jackie, Greg Amundson ...[wmv]
Jackie (CrossFit Kids)...[wmv][mov]

How do you grip?
Rip on Grip - video [wmv] [mov]

"Do not throw in the towel; use it for wiping the sweat off your face."

Doreen 12:23
Jill 13:10
Lisa 13:30
All Rxd below:
Paul 10:50
Jason 9:30
Laura 15:18
Tim 9:40
Doug 8:30
Tim 13:14
Hannah 15:40
Jen C. 18:20
Adam 16:01
Danielle 12:50
Aimee 10:18


Anonymous said...

Why do I have the sinking feeling that this is A LOT harder than it looks?

Jason Lyons said...

i am uber excited about this! class cannot come soon enough. thanks for letting me participate coach! i owe you one.

Laura Pappas said...

Hmm, I agree with Paul because my first thought was, only one round :) See you all tonight!

Anonymous said...

Is it really just one round? Although - 30 pull ups is no joke!

Aimee Lyons said...

apparently everyone wants more than one round? If I'm reading the posts correctly? ...so for your diehards out there, you can tack on two more rounds if you choose, Round 2= 500 M Row, 35 Thrusters, 20 Pull ups and Round 3 250M Row 20Thrusters 10 Pull ups. Any takers?

Jason Lyons said...

I will do it but I would want to know what my first round time was for the board. i will not be doing anything tomorrow so i may as well push hard today.

Appalachian Athlete said...

yeah, Jason, tough call... but the question is: will knowing that you still have two more rounds affect you're first round time? Are you more likely to take a quick break with 10 more thrusters to go rather than gut it out? Are you more likely to break the pull-ups into smaller sets rather than pushing until you're forearms are pumping battery acid? Will you stop to tie your shoe, chalk up, take a few more breaths or, in my case, fiddle with my stopwatch?

For me, i'm going as rx'd, with the hope that i have the mental toughness to not have another 50m -- let alone 500m -- in me when i'm done. And if everyone else is still working after i've recovered, a few hundred double-unders should make me feel less lazy.

Anyway, this looks like fun! I want to go last.

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely rx'ing this workout also. Go Big like the inspiring Greg Amundson video Aimee posted under the WOD. He sure didn't look like he wanted to go another round lying on the floor at the end...

Anonymous said...

one round should be plenty for me! i prefer working on my pullups without a band for the remainder of class, rather than doing two more rounds of using that pitiful band. the band and i have a love-hate relationship.

Jason Lyons said...

you should NOT be using the band anymore hannah. even if you have to do one at a time, it is worth doing it that way. the first time i did fran without a band it took me 22 minutes because i literally did one pullup at a time, got off the bar, re-grouped and tried another. the band is a crutch that you really dont need. it was more gratifying for me to finish fran in 22 rxd than 12 minutes with the band. the best way to get better is to force yourself to. it is learning a new language. if you jump in feet first and submerge yourself, it will come to you quicker than anything else. DITCH THE BAND AND DO ONE AT A TIME. I promise you will like it more and I know you can do at least one at a time.

Laura Pappas said...

I'll do one at a time with you Hannah - I need to ditch the band too! Let's just hope my hands hold up.