Weightlifting Shoes?

W.O.D. 1.25.08

5 rounds for time:
50 KB Swings
25 DU
5 Strict Pull-ups


Weightlifting shoes? Do you need them?
Click here to read more!

And click here to watch a video. I'm not promoting this brand of shoe...just giving you some information and a visual. Often I am asked about weightlifting shoes, and we only have one athlete in the gym currently using them. So what do you think? Post to comments.

"The only weights I lift are my dogs."
Lisa 32:50
Paul 27:58
Jen C. 30:16
Cindy 26:09
Jeff 25:55
Hannah 36:22
Tim M. 24:22
Tim P 22:07
Laura 25:04
Doug 18:41
Jason 31:03


Anonymous said...

Wow. That video is worth a thousand words. Even without jumping, those squishy running shoes experienced a lot more roll and give than you would think. The last thing you want is that load dynamically shifting to weaker muscles or tendons in the middle of a heavy lift. If you have some weak links in there, then something is gonna give, and take it from me, when it does, it is no fun, and very frustrating. These shoes look like a wise investment in terms of both performance and injury prevention. If they prevent one injury, then they probably paid for themselves 10 times over. An ounce of prevention......

Thanks Amy. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sick Bay Commando WOD:

Light ROM stretching on the hammy.

2 Complete Upper Body Circuits on the Bowflex.

3 Rounds:
10L/10R 35 lb KB Presses
20 Pushups
35 Situps

1000 Meter Easy Row: 6:15

Ice down hammy.

I am ecstatic. The row was pain free. I usually do that row in under 5:00, but hey I will take this. It felt good to get the blood flowing through that hammy.

Get some!

Anonymous said...

Since I've actually found a gym that has bumper plates I might actually need to invest in these. I'm sure over a prolonged period of time the wear and tear on your lower extremities would be reduced with the lifting shoes.