W.O.D. 1.22.09

500M Row and
For time 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 rep rounds of: Virtual shoveling [wmv] [mov] and Push Ups.
With an Olympic bar holding only one plate (men use 45 pound plate, women use 25 pound plate), touch the plate on one side of the barrier then the other for one "rep." Barrier is 24."

As a REMINDER...the final head count is due for the Keystone Affiliate Challenge on 2/7/09 in the morning. So far I have Doreen Rxd, Hannah Rxd, Tim M. Rxd, Jason Rxd, Joe Rxd, Laura scale, Tim P. Rxd, Nicole scale. If anyone else is interested in going you MUST let me know by Friday night 1/23, remember Evan will be your chaperon as I will be in Texas at the affiliate gathering and there will be no class at CrossFit KoP that day. There was talk of carpooling on the blog from 1.4.09 if interested.

The Event:
The Challenge will be on Saturday morning Feb. 7th at CrossFit Delaware Valley. CrossFitters of all levels and abilities are welcome to participate as the WOD will be scaled to individual levels. There will be an individual WOD followed by a team WOD where each affiliate will work as a group to complete.

"If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat."
-Herschel Walker
Lisa 1:52 Row; WOD w/45 9:13
Jeff 1:54 Row; WOD w/45 9:17
Scott 1:42 Row; WOD w/70 8:25


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Hammy Ice Pack WOD for me for the next day or so:

AMRAP in 48 hours

Icepacks: 20 minutes on 20 minutes off

Penalty assessed for failure to check ego at the door. Sorry folks. As Arnold said, "I'LLL BE BAACK".

Anonymous said...

Count us in ... Jeff and Cindy will be at the challenge on the 7th at scale!

Please don't hate me during the team WOD I promise to do my best but I may flash back to high school gym class at some point!

Jason Lyons said...

lol, this picture is one of my favorites. it looks like a bunch of beach combers and one person practicing with his epee in the back. lol.

Anonymous said...

Beach combers, yes, but epee? Have you never seen someone preparing for a joust? Have at you, sir!

Miranda said...

Crap! I want to go, but I don't think my back will be 100% then. That only gives me a week to get back into my groove!

Miss you guys :-(