W.O.D. 1.18.09
Alt. DB Snatch
T-Push Ups
Wall Balls


"Its not important how much time you have on earth, but what you do with the time that matters."
-Dr. Michael Steward Sr.

Jeff-33:43 (15)
Paul-28:53 30)
Cindy-33:22 (10)
Laura-31:30 (15)
Jason-36:47 (35)
Hannah-34:54 (25)
Dawn :-)


Anonymous said...

A welcome rest day today. I feel great today, but I do feel like I spent 2 hours in the gym yesterday working every muscle group. I am amazed that 7 minutes of clean and jerks was able to produce that feeling.

Jason, after watching you run through that WOD yesterday, I pity the fool that tries to throw a hot dog at you again at an Eagles game. I think you can safely wear your 49ers jersey with a swagger the next time the birds play the 49ers in Philly.

Hannah, check out Jolie Gentry's profile on the CrossFit games page. She came in 5th place in 2008. She posted a 4:36 Grace time as one of her stats. Throw on the RX weight next time. You can take her, girl! Powerful performance yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the CrossFit games:

The 2009 event will be held in Aromas, Ca near Monterey on July 10 - 12. They have an affiliate cup challenge that is open to all skill levels. You need at least 2 men and 2 women, but you can have up to 6 total team members per affiliate. 4 actually compete, and the team decides who competes in a particular event depending on individual strengths and weaknesses.

I estimate it would cost between $800 to $1000 all in per person for 3 nights depending on hotel arrangements.

Anybody out there with the loose change and loose screws to do this?