Saturday Snatch.
W.O.D. 1.3.09
21 Hang Power Snatch
42 Push-Ups
15 Hang Power Snatch
30 Push-Ups
9 Hang Power Snatch
18 Push-Ups

Why are you CrossFit?
I am CrossFit from CrossFit Central: Video.

"Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back."
-Chinese proverb


Anonymous said...

My ladies had the cars today, so I had to work this from home again. No barbells here, but I did put my new 35 lb Kettlebell to good use.

22 (R&L) KB Hang Snatch
44 Push-Ups from the toes
16 (R&L) MB Hang Snatch
32 Push-Ups from the toes
10 (R&L) KB Hang Snatch
20 Push-Ups form the toes

Time: 24 Minutes

Followed up with:

1000 M Row
Time: 5:02

A 35 lb KB doesn't sound like much, but I felt it near the end of each set. I would not have wanted to try much heavier since this was my first attempt at high rep KB snatches.

I may get there tomorrow, but if not, then I will be in at least twice during the week.

Jason Lyons said...


So disappointed that you did not cool down with box jumps on the cedar chest. lol. Good job man.

Aimee Lyons said...

Ray-AWESOME! way to keep up with the WOD's at home! If your local I could send the CrossFit KoP bus out for you on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason & Aimee.

A wise Jarhead once said, "Improvise, adapt, and overcome."

However, in the interest of marital harmony, I have a 20" box and a 20 lb Dynamax ball enroute from againfaster.com. Now, I just have to prepare for the inevitable question: "So, how much did that cost?"

Anonymous said...

tonight (sat), timmy and i are welcoming anyone who wants to stop by around 7/8ish to watch the colts game, eat pizza, and relax. we are low key...218 B clubhouse, behind FAC if you want to hangout. 724-816-3955

ps. aimee, i know you are wondering how i have internet...i am very sneaky.