W.O.D. 11.30.16

5 rounds for max reps of:
 1 ½ body-weight deadlifts 
Ring Dips 

Score will be total reps for both exercises in all rounds. Take as much rest between each round, there is no time component in this workout.

Community Notes:
The Advent Calendar is typically a calendar containing small numbered flaps, one of which is opened on each day of Advent, typically to reveal a picture or treat appropriate to the season.

For us at the box, the Advent Calendar means a mini-CrossFit Challenge each day from December 1st through the 24th. The challenge will be posted on the blog 10PM the night before along with the WOD. You will have from 6AM until the new challenge posts at 10PM to complete the challenge.

 Our advent challenge starts tomorrow, CLICK HERE to read more.

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


CFKOP iPad said...

Theresa L: 52 @ 135# / 33 mod
John Mc: 20 @ 305# / 52 mod
Kevin B: 42 @ 205# / 65 mod
Mike San: 41 @ 205# / 44 mod

Ellie H: 42 @ 175# / 37 mod
Mark Spak: 42 @ 155# / 43 mod
Ben M: 39 @ 185# / 18 mod
Josh Mc: 47 @ 265 / 53 Rx
Laur(a): 39 @ 195# / 33 mod

Paul D: 33 @ 245# / 35 mod
Joe C: 47 @ 255# / 52 scale DL

CFKOP iPad said...

9:30 AM

Dana D. 15@145,33@165;60 mod
Mary H. 32@135;38 mod
Kevin H. 49@275;39 Rx
Jackie H. 46@205;46 mod
Jill H 44@205;53 mod
Manisha S. 53@135;11 Rx!!!
Mike R. 48@135;47 mod
Joe M. 54@155;34 Rx
Erika L. 135 + mod = 65 total reps
Tori. 52@133;46 mod


Stephanie Vincent said...

Mike So 50@300RX, 65 Box Dips
Rich A 255Rx, 75Rx
JP 50@300Rx, 28RX
Pam 46@205RX, 27RX
Karen M 28@205, 29BND
Jessie 33@143, 42Bnd
Nick C 39@255Rx, 56Rx
Meredith 50@145, 46Bnd
Seba 30@133,23bnd
Tim 11@315,23Bnd
Nicole R 77@88, 58Bnd

Keith B said...


Matt B 69@315RxWeight band
Kate P 92@155 band
Dave H 92@300 Rx
Ryan A 79@405R(hex)X band
Jess A 79 155 band

CFKOP iPad said...


Steph c 110, 115#, bnd

Wednesday at CrossFit
Deadlifts ring dips and resting
Five rounds of max lift

Mike C 137, 185#, bnd

Deadlifts can hurt you
So keep your back straight and firm
Coach Giulz makes you strong

Shawna 94, 162#, bnd

Challenges is the game
Rope climb double under SQUAT

Steph M 93, 115#, bnd

Under body weight
Don't know how to write haikus
Skinny band ring dip

Mariss 119, 155# bnd

CrossFit is so hard
It sometimes hurts my body
Giulia smells bad

Rob C 75 285#, Rx dips

CrossFit is so fun
I like lifting heavy weight
Now go home so sore


The 530pm wrote haikus during their rest. #bestclassever

Anonymous said...

Neil 69(315,band)
Josh s 75 (285,singles)
Ashley McLeod 110 (135,band)
Nicole n 63(145,band)
Brian 80(205,box dips)
Anvesh 111(165,par)
Rob p 55(225)

Christine 80(225,par)
Phani 62(185)
Cline 71(245,band- some strict)

Jenna said...

Neil 69(315,band)
Josh s 75(285,singles)
Ashley McLeod 110(135,band)
Nicole 63(145,band)
Brian 80(205,box dips)
Anvesh 111(165,par)
Rob p 55(225)

Christine 80(225,par)
Phani 62(185)
Cline 71(245,band and some strict )