W.O.D. 11.12.16

CrossFit King of Prussia is hosting the "Brawl in the Fall" (a partner competition of M/F partners in 5 different divisions), there will be NO regular classes TODAY, but please join us to cheer on these awesome CFKoP athletes who are competing:

Danielle Gambone 
Dave Nichols 
Kevin M. Bray 
Theresa Landed 
Alicia-Marie Moore 
Josh Mc 
Mike Simonson 
Dana Dilullo 
Jon Pistilli 
Pam Gulotta 
Laura Altimari 
Rich Andrews 
Laura and Tim Pappas 
Keith Bombar 
Rachel Spring 
Aimee Lyons 
Ashley McLeod 
Michael Coveney

Our normal class schedule will resume on Sunday. 


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