The OPEN Week 1 - Team results

The Black team takes week 1 in the competition, followed by Orange, Red then Green. It looks like Green will pick up Faby next week as the wild card. Click here to view the spreadsheet. If you see any scores that were missed keyed in the spreadsheet please don't hesitate to tell us. A huge thanks to Dave N for the "spreadsheet"!


Shawna said...

Hi Aimee - I am Rx, not scaled.

Looks like I am entered as scaled in the spreadsheet?

Dave N. said...

My bad, Shawna. The original results on the blog said scaled and then I grabbed your re-do results off of Facebook without re-checking the Crossfit Games site last night. I'll fix this when I get home!

Shawna said...

Thanks Dave!

Dave N. said...

Should be fixed now.

If anyone else sees something that looks off, just let me know.