Friday Night Lights - The OPEN - And MORE.

We had a great turnout last Friday for 15.1 (the first OPEN workout) and team "BLACK" took the WIN.  Can they reclaim the title in week 2 without FABY?? The wild card will be switching to team "GREEN"...Are you ready? What's the WOD gonna be? Any idea?

As a reminder we will run 15.2 (the next workout) in all classes on Friday (3/6) and have our big "social" from 4:30-7:30PM.

We have some up coming visitors joining us in the following weeks...

Friday 3.13 for 15.3--Kettlebell Kitchen will be coming out to sample their meals.  They will be our new meal delivery service as we will be moving away from Custom Fit meals. The food is AWESOME and some are even done in ZONE proportions.
Click here to check out the website!

Friday 3.20 for 15.4 --Photographer Tatiana will be coming to take Team photos, a HUGE group photo and of course some action shots, wear your Team shirt or colors! Teams RED, GREEN and BLACK, we still have yours available for $20 if you haven't picked it up yet.

Friday 3.27 for 15.5 --Stronger. Faster. Healthier. will be coming out to sample their products (Recovery (Chocolate and Vanilla), FUEL, PUSH, and all of their flavors of fish oil.).  SFH is a family run company based in Maine and they produce natural Grass Fed Whey Protein formulas and high potency EPA+DHA liquid Omega-3 Fish Oil. All ingredients that they use are all natural and certified Non-GMO. Click here to check out the website.

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