W.O.D. 7.4.14

160 Front Squats (95/135#)
204 Ground to Overhead (95/135#)
204 Burpees
204 Pull-ups
204 Push-ups
400 Double Unders
400 Sit-ups

Teams of 4 will complete the above work in any order, two athletes working at a time. The entire reps of one movement do not have to be completed prior to moving to the next. 

Community Notes:
The CrossFit WOD will be at 10:00AM and Open Strength at 11:00AM on 7/4.  All members, family and friends of CFKoP are welcome.

Regular classes will resume on Saturday 7/5.

There will be NO competitors class at 7:00AM on Saturday 7/5.

“Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” 
-Louis D. Brandeis


 Mr. Intensity!


Jim Curran said...

re-entry is not looking good

Unknown said...

We all have heard the saying "It's better to give than receive". So my question is everine is giving and no one is receiving where does all the giving go? I think that they both are equally good. It's when receiving turns into taking hat it turns into a problem.