W.O.D. 7.10.14

“Mary” will serve as a benchmark for Gymnastics Month then we will run it again at the end of the month to see where your improvements and progress happen. Make sure to record scales and accomplishments to the blog and Total WOD for your records.

Gymnastics Skill Focus:
Take 15 Minutes to work on your Handstand Push-ups, Pull-ups and Pistols.

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats (pistols), alternating
15 Pull-ups

"Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being."
–Kevin Kruse


Unknown said...

Any progress is better than no progress.

Paul S said...

"Well, the darkness is the absence of light, and the stupidity in that instance was the absence of me."

Tim P said...


Peter W 7 scaled
King 8 scaled
Justin R 5 scaled
Mike S 4 scaled
Billy P 4 scaled

Aimee Lyons said...

9:30 AM
Fayth 6- (rom hspu, blue, RR, 17")
Anne 6- (press 45#, 17", Band)
Nick Z 7+13- (RR -13" SB)
Alejandra 4 -(pushup, band 13"+10)
Marni 6 + 15- (pushup, band, ball)

Pam 4 +23- (17"/band/2AB)
Chris 5 -(band, 17", 2AB)
Sarah 5 +15 (17"band/PU)

Fayth- great job in focus on the HSPU Kip and PU kip...pullup before summer end!
Alejandra - great job kicking up to your first HS
Marni - All around nice work,next time no ball for pistols
Nick- GREAT pistols
Anne- Way to work through a tough wod and your pistols got better by the end!

Pam--Nice intensity throughout all moves!
Chris- Good job working on the kip!
Sarah - Improved Push-up, next we will get you upside down!

Jenna said...

Jill 7+20 (Abmat, ROM PU)
Regi 6 RX
Matt 4+20 PR! (20", SB)
Nick 5 (SB, 20", 10 kip)
Tim H. 6 (SB, Ring rows, 20")
Liza 6+29 (Band, kickup, 17")
Jenna 6+27 (green band, SB/kickup, 17"/13")
Keith 6+1 (DB snatch)

Aimee Lyons said...

Regi---kudos for taking a spot on the top 3 board on this bench mark.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jenna - great job getting upside down!!!

Tim P said...

Track workout was steamy, and competitive once again.

We did a few speed intervals to get that fast twitch back with a few old school movements every 200m as well...

Christine E
Sarah W
Tim H
Jen Solt

Keith B said...


John Mc 5+8 sb/box/band
Patrick 6+21 box
Flounder 6+1 sb/box/band
Dana 5+29 rom/box/band
Shawna 4+6 kick-up/box/band
Audrey 7+11 rom/box/band

John- mobility is paying off. Squat looked good in warmups and the intensity is always there!
Patrick- HSPUs looked easy. Are you on the board for them?
Flounder-Keep working on bringing your head through when kicking up to the wall. As soon as you master that you'll be able to stay up on the wall without a problem
Dana- Way to come off the band mid WOD and stick to Rx pull-ups
Shawna- Harder drive in the kip will get you all the way over pull-up bar. Think about kipping over the bar not just to it.
Audrey- You're stronger than you think. Lighter bands and a lower box for the pistols next time