W.O.D. 7.29.14

Leslie back squats 300#

Gymnastics Focus:

Complete 250 Double Unders (when) if you stop, each time you must complete one round of 'Cindy' (5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Squats). 

Substitute: 750 Single Unders or bring the number of Double Unders down to 150.

Rx will be consecutive DU's no single unders in between.  DU's with singles between are allowed but just not as Rx'd.

"It's simple ... go the extra mile and you will stand out from the crowd."
-Robin Crow

Boot Camp:


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I am in the states from Great Britain.. Do we really have to do 750 single unders as a scale? :-/

Stephanie Vincent said...

I clearly remember this wod from my first few weeks of cf. coach swine yelling at me. I could barely do su. Jerry turner did 750 su unbroken.

Leslie you are THE powerlifter #1. So happy for your accomplishments.

Paul S said...

We can scale anything and everything Paxton.

Unknown said...

You have a certain degree of power over every situation in life. You may not be able to control the situation, but you can control the way you respond to it. My point is this; if you have power over yourself and if you respond, rather than react your chances are better to dissolve a problem than to amplify it.

Paul S said...

6th post Tim? Slackin bro

Kathleen said...

Way to go Leslie!!! That is awesome!!! Keep up the great work!

Jason Lyons said...

Alex: 7:42 Rx (3rds)
JZ: 8:02 SU (2 rds)
Keith: 12:22 Rx (5 rds)
Nick: 23:57 Rx (15 rds)
Travis: 18:49 (125DU) ST
Chris: 9:19 Rx (5 rds)
Roman: 18:00 Rx (ST)
Jill: 16:04 500SU (ST)
Michal: 11:33 DU/DU/band (4 rds)
Regi: 9:21 SU (2 rds)

Matt H: 14:00 SU (4 rds)
Josh P: 14:25 (5 rds)

Today was great. I was sooooo excited to see so many people doing Rx pull-ups. I sense that the gymnastics month is playing dividends. I love it. I loved the intensity from everyone today. I saw very few people quit jumping, I saw people fail at jumping which is a HUGE mental improvement. Awesome work everyone. I am very proud of all of you today.

Aimee Lyons said...

Alex---nice job!!! Jason said you were only one rep away from the 100 DU board...kudos.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Aimee 17:52rx 9rounds
Darren :/
Gavin 20m time cap 12rounds/22du
Pam 20m time cap 66du/6rdsband
Sarah 20m time cap 226su/band/box/8rounds

As frustrating as it is, choosing to do the double unders is what will make you better at them. Congrats to pam for increasing her max set today!

Unknown said...


Pete 8:45 RX/ 4RNDS
King 12:28RX/6RNDS
Brian 20:36 SU/6RNDS
Rebecca 5:40 SU ALL UNBROKEN!!!

6:30 Mobility

Matt H
Jen S

Paul S said...

Fugo 6:29 SU/1
Kara 18:38 SU/7
Jackie 19:47 SU/6
Steph C. 14:23 SU/5
Anne 15:08 SU/5
Joe G. 15:00 Cap
Christ 17:44 SU/5
Joy 19:10 RX/7
John 15:50 SU/7
D 16:20 SU
Marni 18:18 SU/8
Nico 19:05 SU/5
Alona 21:13 DU+SU/7
Kelly 16:20 SU
Rachel 20:42 SU
Jessie 7:36 SU
Sarah 20:38 SU
Brit 18:21 SU