W.O.D. 3.19.12

Burpees....and Pull-ups

AMRAP in 15 minutes
1 Pull-up 1 Burpee
2 Pull-ups 2 Burpees
3 Pull-ups 3 Burpees
4 Pull-ups 4 Burpees
Continue ascending up the ladder until 15 minutes is complete
Score will be the total reps completed

Open Sectionals Update:
Four down and one to go and this competition is going right down to the wire. The last two workouts were difficult for team KoP and as a result, we dropped six more places to 28th place. This is still in the money but you can bet your mortgage that EVERYONE will be gunning at us to knock us down. We need to treat week 5 like an elimination game because if we do not bring ALL that we have, we may be watching from the bleachers. It is time to show the area what we can do!

12.4 finally introduced the dreaded muscle-up but it was reserved for those elite enough to get there. The men's podium looked completely different with all first timers. First place went to Tim M (252) who learned both MU and DU one month ago. Second place awarded to both Sam B (247) and Tim P (247) making their debut in 2012. The ladies podium was led by Aimee, the only girl to get a MU (249). The other places were determined alphabetically but many of our ladies got 240 (Nina, Cate, Jen S, LP and KT). One week to go and it has never been so important to bring it. Stay tuned to find out if we make a trip to MD.

Click here to see the CFKoP ranking results from 12.4.

"He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alanna 9 rds - scale
Mark C 12 rds -scale
Chip 11 rds + 1p
KT 13 + 7p
Nicole S 10rds + 8p
Lauren 11 + 8p - scale
Peter 12 + 13p + 7b

Results + time for 400M Sprint directly following the 15 minute AMRAP:
Susan 10 rds, 8 burpees 17:24
Matt 9 rds, 10 pullups 16:47
Lisa A 8 rds (purple) 18:13
John C 17 rds, 4 pullups16:46
Kim C 10 rds, 2 pullups (ROM) 16:57
Mike W 10 rds, 9 pullups (band)17:22
Sarah W. 8 rds, 2 burpees (jump) 18:12
Liz O. 11 rds, (green) 17:41
Chris T. 9 rds (floss) 17:18
Kara 11 rds. 5 pullups (band+mf) 17:40
Travis 11+9pull 16:49
Brian R 13+10pull 16:46
Megs 13+6burp 17:01
Josh S 12+6pull 16:34
Arin 10+10pull (mf) 17:16
Kathleen 11+9pull (mf) 17:29
Roni 10+2pull (mf) 17:01
John S 11+7pull (gr) 17:01
Gabe 12+4pull 16:39
Justin R 10+3pull (2Bl) 16:55
Sharon 10 (bl & BJ) 18:36
Anya 10 (purple) 17:14
Jim C 9+5pull 16:25
Patti 14 (mf) 17:30
JZ 13+4burp 16:37
Miranda 12+3pull 17:08
Patrick 13+4pull 16:48
Tony 14+10pull 17:08
Chris S 11+12pull 17:32
Sandy 13 (Gr) 17:56
Oleg 12+1pull 17:01
Jen Sch 13+1pull (Gr) 17:28
Luke 9+8pull 17:26
Tidmore 11+2pull (mf) 16:42
Brad 12 17:44
Kate C 14 16:43
Payne12+2pull 17:28
Erika 13+6 (kip attempts) 17:32
Shawn 12+6pull 17:06
Ditty 9+4burp 17:17
Nick 11+5burp 16:41
Paul 13+2pull (rings) 17:50
Melissa 12+5pull (Gr) 17:27
Heather 12+4burp (Bl) 17:03
Jess C 11+9burp 17:23
Akeem 9+5burp (Bk) 17:40
Randy 9+5pull (2mf) 17:16
Borden 11+8burp 17:37
Conn 11+5pull (ring) 17:33
Charles 10+6burp 17:40
Mike P 15+10pull 16:42
Balmer 13+1pull 16:30?
Sam B 15+1burp 16:44
Josh F 8+9pull (Gr) 18:00
Tracy 10+2burp (Gr) 17:12
Kate K 11+2pull 17:00
Justin K 12+6pull (ring) 16:59
Faby 13+3pull 16:50
Mark B 12rds 17:33
Flounder 11 rds 16:41
Keith 14 rds, 6 pullups 16:47
Becca 10 rds, 7 pullups ROM 17:14
Alexis 10 rds, 3 pullups 17:18
Jaime 11 rds, 8 pullups (green)18:19
Rob Ph 11 rds, 5 pullups (aqua) 17:04
Diego 11, rds, 3 pullups 17:11
Rachael 11 rds 17:05
Dorothy 13 rds, 1 pullup 17:10
Jason L. 13 rds 17:17


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for a cycling 12.5


Laura P said...

Alanna 9 rds - scale
Mark C 12 rds -scale
Chip 11 rds + 1p
KT 13 + 7p
Nicole S 10rds + 8p
Lauren 11 + 8p - scale
Peter 12 + 13p + 7b

Vinny said...

Hey KOP, 12.5 is coming. it's time to turn it on, there can be no relaxing, no coasting. As you may know our box is in danger of not being represented at regionals...we can not let that happen. Bring everything you have to this WOD...push your limits and leave nothing on the table. We are an amazing box with an amazing group of athletes, there is no way we're coming up short this year. So take the next few days and do all the little things right...dial in your diet, go to sleep on time, stretch after you workout...And get hype! I'm personally guaranteeing my best performance of the open, I don't care what the WOD is....I challenge everyone to do the same...we can do this, but we need a crazy effort from everyone....let's go! If we all give everything we have, we can't lose....

Chris P. said...

today on mainsite is a video from Spealler for "efficiency of handstand push ups"...foreshadowing? just sayin'

donkey said...

get ready for diane, yo.

Melanie said...

Where is the "like" button on the blog? Way to always motivate Vin!

And I agree P and Donkey. I am feeling some variation of Diane is coming.

Jason Lyons said...

For our team's sake, I hope not.

Chris P. said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jas!

Melanie said...

Seriously Jason. How many girls have learned kipping handstand push-ups recently? Give us some credit please.

Jason Lyons said...

My comment was not meant to slight anyone's accomplishments, girls or guys as I think many people have made gigantic strides in that department. However, with one workout left, I would want something that we are VERY skilled in to come out of the hopper. When I think about things in the gym that we can really destroy, I do not think of HSPU. That is all I meant by it, nothing more. I think everyone can agree with that.

Lisa A. said...

Fair is fair....used purple band and then box for last set of pull-ups :)