Thank you all for posting your interest in the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. Now for the next step. They have us listed as a drop spot, so click here or use this url: http://www.lancasterfarmfresh.com/CSA/summerapplication to register for the CSA. To find out more about the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op click here

All registration is facilitated through Lancaster Farm Fresh.

For additional questions please go through:

Evan Elizabeth Miller - Manager

Community Supported Agriculture/Co-op Store
Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative
A Non-Profit Organic Farmers’ Co-op
Phone: 717.656.3533


Tidmore said...

Any idea when the pick up day will be?

Aimee Lyons said...

Tid- I'll follow up and let you know tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sooo bored at school, excited for this wod!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Tidmore. Tuesday would be drop off day.

Tidmore said...

Thanks Aimee- all signed up.

Also I have mentioned to a few people that my wife got me a subscription to bacon of the month club and being a huge fan of the pig and knowing there are others from KOP I have to give you guys the direct link to the first bacon that was delivered. They call it the caviar of bacon and it does not disappoint. You can order directly from the company and save lots of money:


I still have dreams about it!

If you order and don't like it, I will take it off your hands!

Tim Gee said...

I'm signed up!