W.O.D. 3.12.12



3:30 & 4:30PM



Liz takes top honors at the 9:30AM class!

The Early morning winner is in (Rebecca!), lets see what competition she has to go up against for the rest of the day!

Byrnsie and Miranda - crowned the 80's NEON winners!
Pick up your new CFKoP gear at the box tomorrow!

(It's FUNDAY Monday- We know you all have some NEON 80's inspired garb in your closet) Let's get it out and welcome in the Spring Season. Best outfit wins a free t-shirt, tank or sweatshirt.

Double Unders

*You will run a 200M between each set and the WOD ends with a 200M run.

Happy Birthdays:
Happy Birthday wishes to Coach P, Megs and Roni

Open Sectionals Recap:
12.3 showed that HQ is still unpredictable. People were guessing deads, pullups or double unders but what came out was an 18 minute AMRAP of Box Jumps, Presses and Toes to Bar. Similar to Jack, this workout took its toll on many members of the gym. It was an extremely close race and it took until Sunday afternoon to solidify the podium. When the chalk settled, the top three men were Danny (319) and Plentus and Vinny with (310). The ladies were once again led by Aimee (358) with Cate (311) and LP (310) getting on the podium for the second time each. At this point in time, Aimee is the only member that would qualify as an individual sitting in 22nd place. Our team took a hit this week and dropped to 20th place but that is still in the money. After finishing 22nd in the first two workouts, we took 41st in this workout. We will all need to step our game up in the final two weeks to assure that CF KoP is represented in MD come May.

CFKoP standings post 12.3

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."


John S 14:41
Rebecca 13:15
Jay E 25:34
Peter 14:43
Mike V 11:48
Danny 11:28
Aimee 11:29
Cate 12:51
Jen S 12:06
Matt O 15:44
Mike W. 25:29
Susan 18:35
Chris T. 20:07
Kara 21:31
Barb 25:11
Mike F 17:16
Jason L. 12:33
Sharon 21:11
Gabe 12:07/10:38
Josh S 13:09
Brynsie 11:41
Roni 16:26
Kathleen 18:52
Keith 13:40
KT 11:18
Jerry 14:25
John C 12:20
Kim C 15:05
Chip 18:18
Mel 16:30
Megs 11:43
Alison 17:33
Miranda 13:30
DeeDee 16:17
Shawn T 14:17
TP 11:02
Joy 16:47
Kate C 13:45
Lizzy 14:41
KSB 16:02
Plentus 9:44
Ditty 21:55
Sam B 9:53
Conn 17:37
Nick 16:30
Balmer 11:03
Cline 17:00
Charles 16:08

Lauren 18:25 SU
Mark C 19:00 DUA/SU
Beth O 27:24 DU/SU
Liz O 25:38 DU/SU
Travis 20:03 DUA
Alexis 23:42 SU/DU
Katie V. 22:53 SU/DU
Steph V 21:02 DUA
Jen Sch 15:36 SU
Robin 18:50 SU
Dan L 16:57 DUA?
Arin 18:16 SU
Stacy 18:45 SU/DUA
Kyle 14:26 SU
Luke 22:47 SU
Mark B 15:30 SU/row
Flounder 17:57 DUA
Jess S 27:58 DUA
Kate K 14:21 DUA
Anya 18:55 SU
Josh 18:22 SU
Randy 21:24 SU
Akeem 20:03 SU
Matt G 22:03DU Att
Erika 19:16 Att
Paul 15:34 SU
Katie 20:52 SU
Stasie 26:54 SU
Dawn 21:38 Att
Derrick 19:24 SU
Jess C 18:02 Att
JNa 24:38 Att


Mike P said...

Happy Birthday Chris, Megs and Roni.

Mike S said...

Chris P., Megs and Roni, happy birthday! Enjoy the day ... in neon!

Kathleen said...

Happy birthday Chris, Megs and Roni. Can't wait to see you in your birthday neon today!!!!

Becca said...

That's a lot of birthday burpees today :)

Laura P said...

Chris - Happy Birthday! Love seeing you at the gym and hearing all of your great knowledge that you share with us about lifting and random crossfit stuff! So glad we got through the first awkward date a couple of years ago!

Megs - Happy Birthday to a super dedicated lady! Its fun watching you improve and get stronger, and your dedication and support is unmatched. Thanks for being you and keep it up!

Roni - Happy Birthday, keep up the good work and have a wonderful day!

Laura P said...


The 7am Neon star of our class was Rebecca!
Lauren 18:25 SU
Mark C 19:00 DUA/SU
John S 14:41 rx
Rebecca 13:15 rx
Jay E 25:34 rx
Peter 14:43 rx

Byrnsey said...

Happy Birthday All!!!

Chris P. said...

Roni, I knew I liked you from when we first met, now I know why! CF can be intimidating, but you've stepped up to the challenge, keep it up!

Megs, you are always up to date with CF pop culture and news, you should have your own TV show! You've made great strides at KoP AND you have more Lulu than the stores. Happy birthday!

shoeless said...

Happy birthday Roni! Hope you have a great day.

Happy birthday Megs! I love being in class with you, you always make some comment that makes me crack up. It's been great watching you bring it during the Open!

Coach P! You've done so much to help me and so many others become better athletes. I know I'm not the only one who's had an experience where I felt stronger and more confident because you offered a few words of encouragement. I hope I can continue to learn from you and your special way of connecting with people. Happy birthday man!

Drew said...

Happy birthday everyone!

Rebecca, those sleeves are fantastic!

steph said...

happy birthday coach chris, megs, and roni! hope your day is fantastically, neon-y bright! and stuff. :)

nicole s said...

Happy birthday Chris p, meg's and roni!!!

Tim P said...

P.Lentus and Meiggs you guys rock and are a super cool addition to what you helped build with our community and team at KOP. Have a happy bday.

Roni- keep up the great work, you are strong woman!

my word to type is- tenderloin- Mmm, how fitting.

Peterson said...

Come on guys. I'm rooting for you! I share an office with a crossfit generation person so we need to win. We're currently tied with them!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday guys!


Katie V. said...

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Howard said...

Happy Birthday Chris, Megs, and Roni! Have a great day!

Dan L. said...

Happy Birthday to all; Enjoy your day/weather!!

Charles said...

Happy Birthday All!

So glad that you and Becca joined Crossfit, Myabe we will get to WOD together sometime.

Coach P,
You have always been helpful with tips on nutrition and fitness both in and out of class. Thanks for all you help.

Well, what can I say. You're the Megs. ;)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Chris, Megs and Roni! Hope you have a great day!

Megs said...

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Cant wait to celebrate in neon tonight!

P - Happy Birthday. Still remember meeting u and Ditty at Transaxle. Your knowledge and willingness to share is awesome

Roni - love working out with you in the morning!

Two great people to share a bday with!

Tidmore said...

Happy Birthday to all three of you!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday everyone! Enjoy the beautiful weather and neon awesomeness!!!

Stasie said...

Happy Birthday everyone!

Jason Lyons said...

Dear 5:30

11 out of 26 people signed up. PLEASE sign up beforehand so that we can prepare for something like this going forward. The class limit is set at 25 people....By failing to sign up, you are impacting not only yourself but the others in class!


Joy N said...

Happy Birthday Coach P, Megs, and Roni!

Tim P said...


Plentus 9:44
Ditty 21:55
Josh 18:22 SU
Randy 21:24 SU
Akeem 20:03 SU
Sam B 9:53
Conn 17:37
Matt G 22:03DU Att
Erika 19:16 Att
Nick 16:30
Balmer 11:03
Cline 17:00
Paul 15:34 SU
Katie 20:52 SU
Stasie 26:54 SU
Dawn 21:38 Att
Derrick 19:24 SU
Charles 16:08
Jess C 18:02 Att
JNa 24:38 Att

Miranda said...