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Important Cow-ordination announcement!

1. Our next cow will be delivered on April 18th to the box. All shares are officially taken. Donkey will be collecting payments by March 17. You can drop your check to the box (there's an envelope there) or you can snailmail it to the box, or directly to her. Make sure your email address is in the "memo" section. Then, make sure you are able to pick up on 4/18 and leave a cooler there the night before if you know it's going to be afternoon before you can arrive.

2. From Philly CowShare: "National cattle supplies are low this year, due to massive drought in 2011. This is especially true for the type of cattle that we buy for our customers, i.e. grass-fed on pasture and no added antibiotics and growth hormones (our beef would have a 5+ rating at Whole Foods). Because we understand your love of high-quality, lean and healthy proteins, we want to offer you the opportunity to reserve cows for your gym in advance. " Based on past ordering trends, Donkey signed us up for June 20, Aug 22, and Oct 24. In order to sign up for one of these slots, please use the Philly CowShare Sign Up! link. You do not need a google account to sign up for anything. Just go to the link, add your name to the date(s) you want to reserve, and pay up according to the due date.

3. Checks should always be made out to "Philly CowShare" with your email address in the "memo" section and dropped off or mailed to the box by the date indicated on the spreadsheet. The cost is TBD for future deliveries, more to come.
Thanks, from your faithful cow-ordinator.

4. If you have no idea what the cow share is all about click here to find out more.

5. Click here for the spreadsheet.

"Cows are Big. Share one."
- Philly CowShare

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