25 Pull Ups
50 Deadlifts (M:135/W:95)
50 Push Ups
50 Box Jumps
50 Floor Wipers (M:135/W:95)
50 DB Clean and Jerk (M:35/W:15)
25 Pull Ups

This is the “300″ WOD from Gym Jones and the training sessions Mark Twight did with the actors who played as the Spartans in the movie, “300″. They used this WOD as a benchmark a couple times throughout the training process.
(compare to 3.3.09)

Valley CrossFit (CA) gets the spotlight on Access Hollywood: Video.

Look at:

Beauty in Strength - The CrossFit Journal.

"It would be a much simpler world if there was only one way to do everything: create a family, buy a house, squat a load, climb a rope. Unfortunately for us, 'one right way' is not a reality. The world is messy, plagued with gray areas."
-Jon Gilson

Results Rx:
Swine 27:59
Aimee 22:22 +clap pu +20lbs db
Sam 19:23 + clap pu
Chris S. 32:29
Lisa 20:15
Mike F. 30:56
Jeff 28:12
Jim C. 32:17
Todd 34:50
Tim M. 45:19
Nikki 20:16
Jerry 36:58
Mike 29:50

Results Scaled:
Kim 22:53
Nick 38:00
Dave 29:42
Megs 29:14
Darren 22:53
Jen 17:49
Kara 22:23
Kevin 31:29
Olan 17:51
Jen S. 29:56
JZ 28:53
Jamie 14:24
Steph 34:35
Kelly 29:02
Hannah 39:50
Jen C. 22:50
Christina 22:50
Kristen K. 29:21
Ditty 43:03
Gina 26:26
Beth 17:21
Kerry 31:15


Jim Curran said...

this is not madddnesss.....this is Spppaatttahhh.

Holy shit this looks hard

Mike F said...

Is this a little different than when we did it at the old box?

donkey "NO THIS IS SPARTA" said...


i saw this workout and said "why am i not working out six days a week yet". this one looks like so much fun! i'll be missing the fun!

maybe i should try six days a week. just to, you know. see.

Aimee Lyons said...

Mike it's similar, the one we did at the old box was...I found the old link and posted it to the blog.

300-esque WOD:
25 pull-ups
50 deadlifts at (135/95)
50 push-ups
50 box jumps (25/21)
50 floor wipers (135/95)
50 hang power clean and press (95/65)
25 pull-ups

The only thing different was the clean and jerks with Dumbbells vs Press. Both are an option tomorrow.

Donkey-Without question, you should!

Ray said...

"In the end, a Spartan's true strength is the warrior next to him. So give respect and honor to him, and it will be returned to you."


Melanie said...

This workout looks fun and wish I could come! I still feel like I need bilateral front deltoid replacements after Sunday's workout. Ouch!

Dorothy said...

Did this one at the gym at my work....scaled down of course. This one was a sweater for me. Left a puddle on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Me likey floor wipers!!
In general I liked this wod not sure just why...but I felt awesome after it. My bicepts are still tense...makes me feel strong!

Ray said...

Steph, that is no illusion. You are awesome and you are strong!

donkey said...

did this in open gym on 12/31 with Steph and Cindy. scaled, 30:25.