W.O.D. 12.2.09

10 Rounds for FORM, not time:
3 Snatch grip Deadlift
3 Mid-Hang Snatch Pull
3 Hang Power Snatch
3 Overhead Squat
(from our Friends at Old Bethpage CrossFit)

Coaches Notes:
This is not a timed workout, nor do you have to complete the whole round without putting the bar down. If you make it through the entire round, once the round is complete you can rest. The weight is up to you. We are concerned about technique on this workout. Please be deliberate about every move you make, do not try and rush through the WOD. The better your technique is at the Olympic lifts the better your performance will be in all your other WOD’s. So please pay attention to detail, if the weight is to heavy for proper technique then drop down!

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Patti said...

Any idea when you will have another pose running class? I need to try something to eliminate these terrible shin splints. Thanks

Aimee Lyons said...

Yes, December 16th, which is a Wednesday night at 7:30 PM. Tim and I just discussed it today! It will be $10 for CrossFit KoP members, non member are welcome as well for $15.

Patti said...

Great, I will be there. Thanks. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Jason Lyons said...

I will preface by saying that what I am about to type is for your betterment.

At times, because of work or traffic, we have no choice but to arrive at the box late for class. This is usually not a problem but I wanted to point out a few suggestions if you find yourself chasing the clock.

1) Have a quick warm-up in your mind that you can do on your own as soon as you get in the gym.

2) Consider waiting until the next class if you are not proficient with the movement that we will be doing. For example if you have never snatched before in your life and we are doing Isabel and you missed the instruction in the beginning, it may be best served to wait until the next class.

I bring up these points because I am concerned about your safety. It is not wise to walk in the box and attempt Grace when you are not warmed up, nor is it safe to walk into a box and do kettlebell swings when your form is not spot on.

Just something to think about going forward. If you need help with quicker warm-ups that you could perform to get ready for class when you walk in late, don't hesitate to ask.

Miranda said...

Hey All,

Liz or Shawn if you read this can you please give Kristen, Bella's mom my phone number...484-576-3938. I have to work tonight so I wont be at the box.

Liz said...

Miranda - I emailed Kristen your number.

Laura Pappas said...

Jas - thanks for your help with these last night. Aimee - this WOD really helped me understand the movements and really increased the quickness through the middle that I didn't have before. Now I just need to work on the getting it off the ground part!

Evan said...


I also remember reading somewhere that a bit a lemon in the H20 is helpful.