Donkey, Jerry and Kristen...Push UP!

W.O.D. 12.3.09
20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 reps of:
DB Snatch (45#/25#) (10R/10L=20 reps...9R/9L=18 reps...etc.)
Box Jumps (21"/25")

Open Gym tonight from 5-7PM $10-Members or Non-Members are welcome.

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!”
-Bob Marley

Rx Results:
Sam G. 23:19
Tim P. 23:28
Scale Results:
Steve 34:36
Kristen K. 28:12
Liz 29:07
Jerrry 27:27
Kristen S. 25:06
Donkey 23:17
Jim ??

Open Gym:

Cindy: 6:06,7:04,7:45,7:30,6:26 (Band Color?)
Megs: 4:18,5:09,5:12,4:54,5:28

Joe D: 845
Steph: 520

Cindy with wall-balls:
Katie: ?
Kelly: ?

15-12-9-6-3 Deadlifts (225,155#)
5-4-3-2-1 Rope Ascents in between deads
Aimee: 13:57
Matt: 17:00

Today's WOD
Utah Pat: 45:00?


Jason Lyons said...

Been fasting for 10 hours and I am hungry so I figured I would start some conversation. Nicole, get ready. lol.

So, I read a quote today and I like so I figured I would post it for the population.

"Sports don't build character, they reveal it." Heywood Hale Broun


Ray said...

Character is ingrained in your upbringing and through your life experiences...those trials by fire. So, with that premise in mind, I think sports both build and reveal character at once.

Anonymous said...

I could agree with that quote, simply because, i think life is all about "remembering" the parts of ourselves that were always there just waiting for us to notice. "Sports"...or let just say crossfit, can help a person "reveal" the Strength, integrity & determination, that have always been inside ourselves. I am finding that experiencing those qualities in myself, with my body....has magnified those same qualities in all areas of my life.

have fun fasting...oh and jason, i was thinking last night on my way home, how much i appreciate you correcting me, not only my form but sometimes my words & ideas. :-)

Appalachian Athlete said...

Hey, i know this will be a long post, but WTF.

I read that 'hunk to chunk' article. The article mentions that the hardest part was to get motivated after six months of no workouts and extreme eating. That sounds about right. I'll try to make a different point from a similar situation: it's easy to forget how intimidating some of these CF Wods can be to a new comer.

I CF'd for about 3.5 years -- since DEC 1st 2006 – missing a few months total in that time due to injury and a kid in the hospital. For personal reasons, I recently took almost 5 months off from CF. In that time I did maybe 3 or 4 short trail runs, and a few bodyweight only wods, maybe 1 or 2 per month. Basically, nothing. Without a reason to eat correctly, my consumption of sugar and alcohol skyrocketed (ahhhh..... whiskey). It was fun for awhile, but the whole time I kept checking the CF websites (and lurking here on CFKoP) and I knew that winter sports season was coming and this couldn't last forever, but i kept finding reasons to put it off.

Now, with the new house settled, the garage gym basically done, and skiing/boarding/ice climbing season right around the corner, I've been back on the zone bandwagon for most of November and started half-volume, medium intensity wods since Thanksgiving to get back in the groove before going 100% (in eight days!). Feels really good to be back (actually, I'm sore as hell even though I am intentionally loafing it and focusing on form).

It's been a long time since I was new to CF, and this gave me new perspective on how intimidating some of the wods can be; even for someone who is not new CF methodology. My first wod back happened to be Linda. Jesus. That got scaled back way more than half-volume and medium intensity. Yesterday's mainsite wod was basically a heavy one-handed Fran. Also very intimidating and heavily scaled.

So the point to my friends at CFKoP -- trainers and others -- that have been at this awhile and start to consider themselves salty, crusty CF veterans: Don't forget what it was like the first time. And don't forget that the veterans' attitudes towards the wods, your commitment to your training, and the way that you support all newcomers (no matter where the lie on the fitness continuum) every day is critical to help them see that this stuff isn't impossible... it's FUN! And it's worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

Here is my thought:
EAT SOME FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Lyons said...

Oh Jeff (my guess), Didn't we discuss this a few weeks ago?

I set out on a task that I know I can successfully finish in a safe manner. As a result, I would be cheating myself if I gave up simply because it was not easy. Nothing in life worth having comes easily. If that were the case, there would be no such thing as obesity and the divorce rate would be 0%.

Nice post Doug, I am glad you are back in the swing of things. Looking forward to seeing you at the cert. We will have whiskey on hand for the after-party.

Evan said...

Let us know how the fast is going later in the afternoon. Oh... and when you do go to eat after the fast, don't overstuff yourself! I did 18 or 19 hrs yesterday, I might try 24 next time.

Jason Lyons said...


Mixed feelings as of right now. I will stop by wawa after work for some lunch meat, nuts and an apple that I can eat before the WOD tonight...By the time I get that, I will be on 19 hours. Cafe is closed at work so I have no choice but to suck it up right now.

Things I notice is that my olefactory glands are on high alert. I can smell everything that everyone is eating in the hallway, even Doritoes. I would kill for a Dorito right now and I don't even eat them. I also find that I am very cold. I do not know if that is the result of my constant drinking of cold water just to give the sensation of being full or something else is going on. I also have an extremely mild headache. It is nothing to write home about but it is something that is not normally there. Other than that, so far so good. I can feel the fat getting burned. lol.

Jeff said...

Sorry Jason, the anonymous comment was not mine. I'm a big fan of what you're doing, I respect the effort and know that it can be very difficult yet extremely rewarding. Stick with it! The mild headache could definitely be related to mild hypoglycemia from the fast, no real surprise. Also, no surprise that you're smelling any/all food or wanna-be food-related substances, your stomach is saying "Eat something, asshole!" so your body is on alert for food. If I skip a meal the same thing happens to me.

I look forward to hearing how your day went tonight at the box. And stop looking to Dan Quayle for spelling advice, there is no e in Doritos (lol).

donkey said...

Jason: I think you're right that feeling cold is related to the fasting. When I fasted for the holidays (past tense, I am unable to still do it), I was always cold, noticeably so. The only time this did not happen to me was when I did the Master Cleanse to quit smoking--but my goal was to try to reset my metabolism so I wouldn't gain 15 pounds. I think I was successful, FWIW. I did a second Master Cleanse after my time in India and I was not cold then either, despite two things that should have made it so: it was January in Philly, and I had just spent six months in a very warm place.

I'm with Ray on the topic of this morning.

Appalachian Athlete: thank you. as a newbie, I appreciate your comments very much.

donkey said...

Hi: If you add lemon, use fresh, but make sure to strain it. It sounds ridiculous, but those little bits of pith make you hungrier because your stomach still wants to process them.

Chris P. said...

Jason, good stuff. Be sure to take some pictures of yourself so we can do a before/after post after a month/year/etc. Be sure to wear something sexy. I'm sure JZ has something you can borrow.

Tonight would have been late to open gym so I played around at the Nova gym:

run 1/2 mile
10 pullups
135# squat cleans, 10 reps
145# squat cleans, 7 reps
155# squat cleans, 5 reps
10 pullups
5 bar muscle ups
155# front squats, 5 reps
185# front squats, 3 reps
205# front squats, 3 reps
205# front squats, 2 reps
10 pullups
5 bar muscle ups
205# front squats, 2 reps
5 bar muscle ups
205# front squats, 2 reps
5 bar muscle ups
10 pullups
100 double unders
20 handstand pushups (set of 15, set of 5)

Jeff said...

Chris P, nice warm-up, but what was the WOD you did?

Chris P. said...

Jeff, still typing...

haha, j/k