The Avalanche
-written by Jason Lyons

I guess Doug should get his drum out because I wanted to write a little something about this thing we share, CrossFit.

I reflect back on the past year and I am amazed at what I see. What started out as a small group of 10 in the basement of an office has transformed into something beautiful; at least beautiful in my eyes. You may think that I feel that way because the business and name have grown or you may think I feel this way because we are getting close to breaking even. You could not be more wrong on both accounts. What is beautiful is that we have all chipped in to create something special and together we are changing lives, a lot of lives. Each of us dedicates some part of our busy day to CrossFit and as a result we have been stronger, healthier human beings. Each person in our community has a purpose and I hope that you realize it and understand how important you are. Aimee and I may coach some of the classes with the help of others and we offer a space for the magic to happen but without all of you, CrossFit is a little less effective. The motivation that you give each other without knowing it cannot truly be measured of expressed in words. The outreached hand of a veteran to someone walking in the door for the first time embodies what this community is all about and I hope the members of the gym realize that.

In the very beginning, we had a very close-knit group of people that became very used to slipping in each other’s sweat puddles. It was a great time and we loved working out with each other and we became the small Spartan army in 300; always ready to tell a joke or to offer encouragement when needed. Literally, we shared blood, sweat, and at times, tears. It was a little club and part of me misses it…that is until I reflect on what we have now. The way I see it, our Spartan army has grown in size and the number of lives we can now touch has no boundaries. It is important to note that the only way we have grown is through word of mouth…sit back and realize how powerful that is. People join the box because they have heard of what it has done for people like you.

Similar to many of the articles floating around the Internet about CrossFit Inc. in general, when something grows so rapidly, people have a tendency to resist and wish it remained small for them and their close group of friends to enjoy. I have to be honest and for a while I thought just like that. I thought like that until the first person came up to me in tears saying thank you because I changed their life with the story I wrote. What they do not realize is that yes, it is my story, but that story involves each of you and it will evolve to include members that have not yet joined the gym, as I will push against them and learn from them as well. Words really cannot express how hearing those words make you feel. I get emotional sitting here writing about it. It becomes addictive and you want to continue to spread your story and touch as many lives as you can. There is no doubt that when Mike and Gina posted their pictures that someone was not inspired. It is a fact of life. I no longer think of CrossFit as solely about me. I come to CrossFit KoP to participate in a community and give it my all. In doing so, I will undoubtedly benefit from a mental and physical point of view but at the same time I also may inspire someone else and to me, that is becoming just as important. Pay it forward.

Knowing this, it makes me sad when our Army loses a member for whatever reason. Not only are you reminded of the sweat and tears that you shared together or the fist bumps and hugs after finishing that grueling workout or setting a PR, but you lose a link in the chain, potentially cutting off a section of the potential people that you could eventually touch with your personal success story (believe me, you ALL have one) and how you changed your life…proving to them that they can as well. This is why I ask anyone that may leave for any reason to continue to belong to the CrossFit family. Whether it has actually been said to you or not, you have all changed someone’s life. Many of our early members were ladies and shortly after their husbands followed…ladies, similar to Aimee changing mine; you have changed their life. And because you now have a desire to be healthy, strong human beings, so too will your children…again you have changed lives. Understand that and appreciate how important you are to the world as a role model. It is sad when someone leaves because that person that you have fought with is no longer next to you to cover your back but as long as you are still fighting the fight, I know you are there somewhere and that is what is important. I still miss Timmy Marley on a daily basis, as he was the first person standing next to me other than Aimee. I know that I would be a stronger person today had he stuck around. Understand that CrossFit, as a whole, can no longer be stopped. It is a snowball that has turned into an avalanche and every box out there will continue to grow rapidly so no matter where you are, you will be able to touch lives. Whether it be at KoP or somewhere else, continue to fight, improve your life and know that you do make a difference.


Nicole said...

Did you ever take the time to find out why people are leaving or why they are unhappy? I don't want to get into it over a "public" blog. Thanks!

Miranda said...

I appreciate that post, more than you can imagine. I miss our "little box" where we were sharing bars, boxes, weights, balls. I felt part of something there, part of a family. Sadly, I don't feel part of that family anymore. We have all changed and some of us have developed into phenomenal athletes, but others of us have slipped through the cracks. I am proud of both you and Aimee for your success and for introducing me to CrossFit. Crossfit has forever changed my life. The friends that have made along my journey will remain close to me and I thank them for pushing me and inspiring me to want to be better. I have been very fortunate to have met each and every one of you and I hope to continue to Crossfit, whether it is on my own, at the box or at other box’s. It has by far been more than just a “workout” to me.

Jason Lyons said...


Let me first say that I am sorry that you feel some people have slipped between the cracks. I strongly disagree with this statement and I would be curious to hear why you think that.

I do not know if you fall into this category but some people may feel like they have slipped into the cracks because they do not set a PR everytime. I posted a while back that it is unreasonable to expect that and as we become stronger, the PR's may be 3 seconds, not 3 minutes. What is important is looking at you now versus you last year at this time. You are without a shadow of a doubt a stronger woman and one that rivals most of our men. You should be exceptionally proud of that as I know Aimee and I both are.

The second reason people may feel they have fallen between the cracks is maybe they do not get as much attention as they used to and they feel abandoned. Our class sizes have increased but we try to have at least two coaches at them now so you can get roughly the same attention. If you are not getting "attention", to me it means you are doing a fantastic job. It means your form is great and your intensity is spot on and corrections are not needed. When an athlete gets to that point, the coaching turns more into motivation...saying things like come on, I know you are strong, you can do this and great job. I really do believe that we extend that to every athlete that walks in the door.

Based on your post, it seems that you are considering leaving us and by that I am saddened as you are truly one of our veterans and a woman that most are chasing. If you do, I strongly encourage you to continue what you do. If you work out on your own, get friends to join you. If you go to another box, absorb all that they have to give. There are many many ways to teach something and if you can pick up something there that makes you better, take it in and spread the word, heck, tell me so that I can help spread it as well. Castro said in a recent video that there are three ways to deadlift and you should practice all three. Going to another box, you may learn a different trick that works for you and that is absolutely fantastic. Also, if you go to another box, you will be pushing against strangers and maybe that will be an added spark and you will get that PR and I know you will surely be a spark to them because they will be chasing you.

My one question and something that I am genuwinely interested in is how you expect another box to have the sense of family? If you feel that is missing and have ideas on how to bring it back, please let us know.

Thanks for posting Miranda. Never doubt how good you are.

Megs said...

Perhaps that "Airing of Grievances" is actually a good idea in someway shape or form ?!?!?

TrishaLou said...

Beautifully written Jayson.
I appreciated you confronting me yesterday about the fact that I always underestimate myself and never think that I'm as strong as I actually am...

It's things like that that make the box, the box..Criticism is crucial for the mind.
So, I thank you.

And everyone else for my time here...really, the energy created in the box is amazing and I will miss it very much. Muchas gracias para todos.

Miranda said...


I am not leaving the box indefinitely. As of right now, I can not make it because I must devote my time to my foster that I took in.

Have I considered...yes, I have contemplated it, but I have not made a decision on that. I have not been out searching for others box's, but I try to do WOD's on my own. I haven't tried any other box's, but I am interested in seeing how they operate and if it is something that I would like.
Don't get me wrong, I love KOP. FAC is where it all began for me on the dreaded black band doing 1 to 2 pullups at a time. If it wasn't for Swine pushing me i would have given up. I hated him for it, and swore I would never go back. But, I would see the classes in the lobby and I yearned to be part of that. So, after talking to Aimee and discussing how intimidated I was and embarrassed of my lack of strength, I decided to give it another shot.

What I got out of those WOD's was more than, blood, sweat, calluses and tears...it was a high that i can not obtain from any illegal substance. It gave me confidence that I never had before, it changed the way I thought about myself and it changed the way I carried myself. You and Hannah were my inspiration. Watching the two of you all the time made me want to fight for it even more. Not to prove my strength to you or Aimee, it was for me.

I just feel as though I personally have not improved as much as I have hoped to or wanted to. I also feel, and this is just me, that I have become somewhat invisible and am just there. Even though i am a semi-veteran, I still need the guidance and the push from my coaches and "family" that is what made the difference. It isn't about setting PR's for me, it is about becoming a healthier, stronger woman. I'm not saying I want everyone’s eyes on me, but if I am not being pushed, im not going to give it 110%, i know me better than anyone else.

Yes, there is a part of me that feels out of place at the box sometimes. Sometimes it can be like High School with drama and the cliques, and so & so likes me or doesn't like me, but whatever, what it comes down to is how you perceive yourself.

Miranda said...

You can email me if you would like mjhaines@travelers.com

Hannah said...

i too miss Timmy Marley every single day when i workout at the box. i miss the 10-20 of us that began crossfit kop...it was definitely different back then. whether is was more individualized attention during wods,or what you mentioned before, the close bond we had by sitting in each others sweaty ball puddles...it isn't the same.

with that being said, i am not upset that kop has grown and continues to grow. i would never want anyone to feel left out or not get the opportunity to try crossfit. new people motivate me. its a great thing.

i think the main idea to remember is that everyone does crossfit for different reasons, we all have different expectations, and we all have different goals. and when people are not meeting their needs in whatever way, they decide to leave to try new things. which is great too.

i have even contemplated leaving, but i know deep down, i need kop and i love kop. it is for me. yes, there is bullcrap that goes on. but that goes on everywhere. i am still inspired when i walk in the box and that is my motivation. miranda you inspire me, you can get your ass up the rope..and i'm still stuck at the bottom. we don't always say what we are thinking, but i am proud of you and i enjoy working out next to you.

Jason Lyons said...


You posted on 11:11 so make a wish and I will be the first to say to everyone. I am a bad mind reader. In fact, I am the worst mind reader as are most men. If I do something in class that rubs you the wrong way, PLEASE say something to me and I will make a note and not do it again. I know every coach feels that way. If you do not like the way I try to motivate you, let me know and we will find a new way. I want the box to be the best experience it can for everyone each and everytime they walk in and I am 100% positive Aimee feels the same way.

Trish (Steph):
You will surely be missed and you really need to remember that you are strong. Do not be afraid to test your limits and you will be shocked to discover how many times you will surpass them.

First off, congratulations on your self discover. We are honored to be part of that and by doing so, you have discovered what this is all about. You will never again doubt yourself or what you are capable of. I am proud of you.

Secondly, we encourage you to experiment with new boxes. Heck, Aimee and I do it all the time and other members in the gym have done so as well. Sometimes it makes you like KoP more and for others, they may be happier elsewhere. Aimee and I are most interested in everyone's development, regardless of where that takes place. As I mentioned, you have discovered yourself, now the rest is up to you. I personally like to visit another box occasionally so I push harder and see what I am truly capable of but I like to come home where I know the person standing next to me and treat them like my brother or sister in arms.

In terms of getting pushed. I am sorry if you felt that I do not do that enough. If that is the case in the future talk to me about it after class. In terms of meeting your goals and not getting where you want to be. I am going to be the devil's advocate and reverse the roles a little. I set a goal for 2009 of a muscle up and I still do not have one. The reason that I do not have one is because I have not done enough to get me to that point. I have not come in early or stayed later and brought down the rings to practice. It is my fault. Also, to the members with unlimited memberships, how many actually take advantage of the 20 minutes you get a month of a coaches time to practice on one of your goals. I can tell you that no one has ever approached me about that time. No one. We get thrills from watching you reach your goals. Watching someone progress is an amazing feeling and to know you helped shape that path is exactly what you said...a high that you cannot get with any illegal substance.

In terms of the cliques and what not. F em. Plan and simple. It is a fact of life that they are present everywhere. There are some people in this world that just will never like me and if I lived trying to please them I would die a very unhappy man. I am who I am and those that like me as that person are my friends and those that do not can go to hell. You know who your friends are and when you come into the box, you are going to interact with them and work out next to them and push yourself against them. They are the link next to you in the chain that I was talking about. Ultimately, you are coming to the gym to improve yourself and to discover that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. In that revelation, you do not need anyone present other than yourself. When I am in a WOD, I hear or see no one. I am me and I am proud of that person.

Nicole said...

The favoritism has gotten the best of me. I will be leaving. Who knows maybe I will come back in the future as of right now I doubt it. I will miss the people I started with soooooooooooooooo much!! Great wonderful people!!

Jason Lyons said...

Nicole, I know many people at the gym will be deeply saddened by this news.

I hope that you can easily find a new place to call home where you continue to improve as you have done at a stellar pace. The 20lb OHS was not too long ago as was recently documented on the blog. If you leave, everyone from that first picture will be gone accept for me. That is sad indeed. Note that doors are revolving at KoP and anyone that decides to test the waters can always come back if they do not find what they are looking for.

You better still be arguing with me no matter where you are and I want a voice track of your laugh for when things get too serious in the box. :(

Jason Lyons said...

except before Handler makes fun of me. lol

Jill said...

I have decided to leave KOP for various reasons, the main reason is that Crossfit 215 is 5 minutes from me compared to KOP which on a bad day with 76 traffic could take 45 minutes.

The other reasons I will not get into on a public forum but I do want to let everyone know that I will miss you guys; the people i started out with at Atlas and you all have amazed me in how far you've come.

Aimee you've made KOP what it is today. I wish you and Jason the best of luck.

Jason Lyons said...

Jill, I reiterate what I said to Nicole. Good luck in all that you do. It is always sad to see someone leave and I hope you will enjoy yourself at 215. They are good guys.

Miranda said...

We get 20 minutes to discuss goals? Can we sit down one night and go over them?

When I was first learning to kip I came into class early every day for about 2 months and practiced while everyone hung out. It stunk but I finally got the pull-ups down, same with my hand stand pushups, and climbing the rope

Jason Lyons said...


Yes, you can use your 20 minutes however you want. If you go to www.crossfitkop.com and click on schedule and pricing and then click on pricing and then click on what do these packages get you it is all right there.

I was also incorrect in my assumption that you needed to be unlimited, anyone that is a member gets that and as I said before, no one has every approached me about their 20 minutes. I welcome it and would love to help you.

Anonymous said...

As a "NEWBIE", I must remind you all that that spirit you are longing for at CrossFit, still exsists. It might be changing but its there, because i feel it.

The spirit you VETS created, is there for me today and I THANK YOU for it.

I don't know if this helps, but from an outsiders perspective the "favortism" and "cliques" you speak of are not very evident, atleast not to me.

on a side note about PRs and results:

I challange that the "present moment" that the wods force us to embrace, Is exactly what needs to not be forgotten when it comes to PRs and personal improvement.

Its like going on a diet....you start, become successful and that motivates you so continue. At somepoint you hit a plataeu. This is where people usually get caught and give up on the diet and stop losing and even start gaining. You can compare this to xfit. The results you get in the first year are BIG and that motivates you. But when they stop being big you get discouraged, and maybe even quit.

I may not be an experienced xfitter but am an experienced dieter. I believe the reason my two previous attempts to "lose weight" were failures is because, I did not truly love and accept myself for who i was. I believed that if i could just lose weight or be thin, I'd be happy. I believed that being fat stopped me from being my whole self. In that case my happiness or wholeness was at some future destination. I went on those Diets inorder in an attempt to find happiness.

Today I eat well and xfit not to get to a future happiness. When I eat I AM HAPPY. When I Xfit I AM HAPPY. Why?? because I accept and love myself and see ME as whole now!! In this very moment. There is not a place in the future that is my definition.

So....my question is why do you xfit? Is it to get thinner, build muscle, be accepted by "the communtiy" or to be able to do x, y and z? Or is it because you enjoy doing the WOD, love your body?

If your motivation is the results, chances are you will never be satisfied I BELIEVE that if your motivation is the later, you are more likely to actually get the results you wanted! When you say to the universe "i want defined abs" that's what the universe gives you "wanting defined abs"
When you say to the universe, " I have everything I want in this moment" you get everything you want...and more.

I'll get off my soapbox now. :-)
Thanks for writing this Jason. Your love, is apparent.

Melanie said...

I thought this quote from Frank Costanza was appropriate after reading all this: "Welcome, new comers. The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you're gonna hear about it!".

Jeff said...

An amazing thread to read, it must have been difficult for everyone to post their thoughts and feelings. I've been at CrossFit KoP since mid-July 08 (had to go back on the blog to see my first time posted about a week after classes started), many many changes indeed. I also miss the small classes and "the vibe," although I can't say I miss sitting in others ball sweat (thanks Hannah!). I'm always sad when training partners decide for whatever reason to move on, but I've learned thru the years that people come and go into each others lives for many reasons, and you never know where your path will lead or who you'll encounter on the way, just enjoy their company while you have it and try to stay in touch and in each others lives. However, Jason, at least one thing will remain constant, I will always make fun of you.

Dorothy said...

When I first found the Crossfitkop website and read the blog there was nothing more that I wanted to be part of than the community at Crossfit KOP. I couldn't find a way to make it fit into my scheduled and I cried about it a few time because I wanted it soooo badly. I really really really wanted to be part of this amazing community. Then like someone was answering my intense desires, the 4:30 class miraculously appeared on the website. "What is this? How could I have missed this before?", I thought to myself. I read the blog and saw that the 4:30 class was a new addition. YEAH!!!! My dreams have finally come true. And I don't regret for one second joining the box. I might never leave and am planning to come more days a week when my situation changes.

I figure that this place must have been something really special before because I think it is amazing today. For those of you who are unhappy I am sorry about that. I didn't mean to take attention from you. Hopefully someday I will be able to repay you for sharing with me.

Trish. Nice to have met you. Hopefully I'll see you Friday to witness your final ass kicking. I know you'll go all out and I want to be there for it.

Aimee Lyons said...

I first of all echo of Jason's article “The Avalanche” it is with much conversation that he was inspired to write it and I feel no need to reiterate what he has said, he said it well. I appreciate that you all have taken the time to read, blog and post to comments your thoughts, concerns and growing pains. I wish each of you success in your endeavors knowing we have made an impact in your life. I set out as a trainer and became an accountant, janitor, psychiatrist, construction manager, business manager, CEO, President, WebDesigner and so much more I don’t even have a title for... Out of what I have read from you, I have come up with two questions...essentially one. Why I fight? Why I CrossFit? Ask your self this question and come up with an answer. I am going to dedicate some board space in the gym for the answer. Don’t bother putting your answer on the blog. Just pick up a marker the next time you are at the box and write it on the whiteboard. I personally fight for the betterment of every person I come in contact with and I CrossFit because it changed my life and every person I have come in contact since then.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King Jr., 1929-1968

Mike F said...

I love the fact that the box has gotten bigger with more people. I try to spread the word to anyone I know. I encourage them to come and watch a class or take a free introductory session. I know that once they get started they will become addicted and add something to the box. I really meant it when I discussed the "Crossfit Family", there is nothing else like it. We work side by side doing the same WOD encouraging each other, inspiring each other, and making each other laugh. I am in awe everyday watching people complete a WOD. This is not normal stuff we are doing. Completing a WOD whether you RX or scale is an accomplishment. A big part of getting through a tough WOD is the encouragement from the coaches on other members. Miranda, I hope to see you back in the box soon. I was looking forward to both of us conquering the rope.

Jim Curran said...

Quite a thread of comments. Aimee and Jason, you guys have really built a great culture at KOP. Your passion for what you do and your constant push to make our experience better is always clear to me. Growth is good....it just means more people will experience all of the great things so many of us have and besides, there is plenty of room! I tell my friends that I come do Crossfit because I get great results but I come to Crossfit KOP b/c I really like the culture of our place.

Brian Y. said...

A Couple of thoughts---

First. Jason. Well said brother!

My name is Brian and I am an CF affiliate owner in Ohio. I know none of you personally aside from Aimee who I met at the CF Games.

I do believe she hit the proverbial "nail on the head"
Why do you Crossfit? Why do you Fight?

As I read the post to Jason's initial blog post, I saw many excuses for one's decision to leave, but not to many good reasons.

If what I understand is correct, those that may have left have been with the gym from the beginning and shared in the amazing growth from humble beginnings to "rockstar" status now. With that said, it is because of you and your commitment to KoP that is has grown so fast. But, the converse is also true, most likely some of the things that are troubling also partially your doing as well.

Why I Fight! Why I Crossfit!

Tell Aimee. Tell Jason.

Many have said that their lives are changed and their happy they came and will continue to CF and have made great friends....but.....

Fight for it! If it has made that much of a difference, but it is not where you want it...change it...be part of improving KoP. Sit down with Aimee and Jason. Talk to them.

They have coached you through some of the toughest WODs you have done and they have believed in you and fought for you. Don't do it because you think you owe them anything for that. They do those things because they love to train and they love people.
Fight for making KoP the training center that everyone wants to come to. Make KoP the facility that each person feels welcomed, appreciated, valued, and held accountable.
Client/Athletes make each affiliate what it is. Owners/Coaches may be a magnet, but it is the people that walk through the doors everyday that make it unique and give it a personality.

Why do you fight? Why do you Crossfit?

If the answers to those questions are truthful and from the heart, and you are getting great coaching in a wonderful facility with friends that really care for you....should anything else really matter?

my 2 cents....


Anonymous said...

santa is coming...BEHAVE everyone!

Ray said...

Alright, drama night is OVER. Now get your asses back to the box! Don't make me have to come get you.

Anonymous said...

Ray - by far, the best post of this chain! DRAMA - leave it at home. Crossfit is not the place for it. MOST people there want nothing to do with it and I have to say, if you can manage to bring drama into something like Crossfit...wow. Impressive.

Reading this blog could be a dangerous thing to new-comers, and almost a bit offensive. Basically, most everyone who commented in regards to leaving Crossfit KoP is giving out the message "We liked it better when YOU (meaning new people) weren't here and it was just US". Frankly it's rude and immature. Maybe I just don't get it, but I don't see favoritism, I don't see lack of attention on Aimee and Jason's part and I don't really see BS. I see cliques, yes. It's only natural, those that have been with KoP since the beginning of course will form a bond and there's nothing at all wrong with that. But to not accept change, not welcome new people into something you personally love so much? I don't get that. What is it? Is it because new people are getting their pictures on the blog instead of you? New people are getting compliments from others because they're doing this instead of you? Come on. That's no reason to leave. That's a reason to look at your own self confidence and egos and characters. And it ain't gonna get any better anywhere else if that's the attitude you have. Don't you remember what it was like to be new? You needed that boost of confidence to push through. And I would think it might be kind of cool to watch newer people progress, knowing that you yourself went through that transformation.

So to the newcomers - please know that not everyone there feels like that, as is shown in the few posts by some of the guys. Come on in and join us! Most of us would love to have you and will welcome you with open arms!

And those that are leaving to go to new boxes because of the growth of KoP, just remember - those new boxes are going to be full of...NEW PEOPLE! Ironic, huh?

JZuck said...

I don't think all of you understand that while Aimee loves what she does and has a true passion for helping each and every one of us get fit and achieve our goals, this is her job! It is how she is trying to make a living! She just happens to love what she does, so it may not seem like work to some of you.
I am sure she does her very best to make all of us happy, and if she doesn't succeed all of the time, I am sure she would be more then willing to listen to suggestions.
But, I think too many people are getting upset about the growth of the "box." I don't know what line of work all of you are in, but I bet we would be hard pressed to find many people who are willing to turn away new customers/clients because current ones want to have more attention. That being said, I can tell, and I imagine the rest of you can as well, that Aimee and Jason are not just in this to make money. They do it because they are passionate about it. I also don't know anything about the financial side of their business, but it would appear to me, that every penny of profit they make, goes directly to additions/improvements to the box. They have spent a lot of time and money finding and putting together a box that can accomidate the growing number of clients and also increasing the number of classes and coaches so as to give everyone as much individulized attention as possible. (They also offer private or small group sessions for anyone that was not aware!)
I am sure many of the previous posts don't make the new people very comfortable; and I think that is unfair! While, I have been with Aimee since the beginning, I enjoy seeing new people joining our group on a weekly basis. I hope to continue to see new passionate members join and help grow the Crossfit KOP community. Also, I would love to continue to see those of you that I began with, and have become close with.

This is the last serious post you will ever read from me on this blog!

Much Love, JZ (aka The Godfather)

Anonymous said...

Let's not attack these people either. They laid their feelings on the line at least respect that. We are a big family at kop no need to be rude! I agree with ray in saying stop with the drama and get your butts back to crossfit.

Shawn Tammaro said...

I leave the country for a few days and all hell breaks loose in my absence.

To the people leaving: Good luck and come back to visit every now and again. Who knows...you might experience another gym and realize that you should come back. This happens a lot and there is no shame in it. Liz and I did it. We ended up back at KOP.

Aimee: Good work with handling all of the various jobs of a start up business. Eventually one day you will be able to delegate some of those time consuming things and just stick to the stuff that is your core competency. Until then, lean on us for support with that stuff because God knows we are willing to help. We all want to see your continued success. You are doing a great job so far

Jason: My attention span for blogging is 250 words or less. I'm going to need you to cut your posts down a little bit. Good material though...were you on the debate team in high school? 1 beer penalty for every 10 words over the limit.

To the crossfit family including the people that are leaving: Liz and I love you guys. There are some bumps along the road but in the midst of all the turmoil there is still that underlying tight bond we share. Happy Holidays!

Chris P. said...

Shawn, where did you go?

Stephanie said...

Jay, you are a gift. You were exactly the inspiration I personally needed to get my ass moving again and I thank you.

We appreciate the hospitality of all of you and the organic feeling of community that exists for us to share in. Adria and I have felt welcome from day one. And a special shout out to Chris, Cindy, Steph, and Jeff. You are an encouragement and a blessing to both of us.

There isn't a day that Aimee doesn't greet us with a smile. Jay's comedy pushes us through every PT session. I can now do 10 girlie push-ups in a row! And Adria finally believes she can do a squat when the doctors told her she wouldn't. These are small things to others but to us, they make a difference to our journey. Again, we thank you.

The universe always has a keen way of bringing people in and out of your life for a reason. All we can do is wait for the moments of inspiration while creating inspiration of our own

See you on Sunday.

Steve Wakefoose said...

Lots of stuff going on here. Reads like some growing pains. I was drawn to this as i am with anything CF but especially so close to home. I love the passion behind Jason and Aimee's words. I applaud those that posted their feelings. this is what makes a community. I strive to create this same idea at our box (CF West Chester). We watch with anticipation your growth as a benchmark of where we would like to be. Besides tha passion and comitment from both sides my take is the delicate balance between the customer is always right vs. the majority rules. Many ideas posted here are the same things that make capitalism work! This is why McDonalds is on one corner and Burger King on the next. Both sell hamburgers but it depends on your preference. We wish you all the best.

P.S. when are you having me back (Steve) for some self defense training at the new place?!

Josh said...


Although I agree that what you wrote did sound all nice and true in many ways, I am still finding it hard to believe that you could have demonstrated that same level of enthusiasm for wanting to reach out into the community and give of yourself for the sake of bettering others, had it not already been for you being blessed with having placed into your possession, the company of a companion who loves and supports you, a good job, and all the things that have contributed to establishing for you, that beginning platform of security and self-worth.

And granted, I am well aware that what I am now telling you will probably end up striking you as nothing short of immature, self-centered, and short-sighted, yet even still,these are all honest feelings, and I am not ready to just dismiss them. And so then unlike you, I have yet to be blessed with the confidence and self-acceptance that comes from having shared in the love of having someone else accompany me in life, and so I am still forever struggling to find, (1)the desire for wanting to put other's needs before my own, and (2)the ability to have faith in the fact that I can think highly enough of myself to be able to positively influence someone else's.

And so from all that I have just said, I suppose you could argue that I just have not allowed myself the chance, and though probably true, it is just not something my mind is letting me think about long enough to be able to do anything about, as all this anger that I now have inside, just keeps me resenting all that others have, and all that I in turn feel I have been deprived of. So I guess I said all that to say, that when there exists little self-worth within a person to begin with, how can that person ever expect to feel a desire to want to help, when he is forever dwelling on blessings missed and the complaint of a "shortchanged,you owe me something I deserve better life that won't stop being so unfair."

And assbackwards as this must all sound, the saying, "It's only through giving that we can receive and be blessed," although easy enough to grasp intellectually, is just not something my heart is letting me feel.

Thanks for sharing.

Josh said...


I want to apologize for the comment I posted yesterday. That was totally uncalled for and I'm sorry that I let my own personal tormented feelings get the best of me by allowing my frustration with myself over personal incompetencies to be vented out in the form of unwarranted slanderous remarks against you. Know this, I do respect you as a person and all that you have accomplished in the crossfit community, and I'm just sorry that I ended up wrongly judging you in ignorance. And by now, and after so many other similar mishaps of me misdirecting negative feelings onto those undeservent, you'd think that I'd finally realize the impact my negative words can have. But I guess I haven't. I know that the damage has already been done, and is something that I just can't erase with a single prayer, but I'm just hoping that you can forgive me with the understanding that I do feel awful and that the person you saw in what I wrote is not who I really am.

Unknown said...

I am really delighted to read about your success. Aimee, I thought you stood out as an exceptional trainer when I met you at the Montclair Level II Certification. I was one of the volunteer test guinea pigs.