Welcome Chris T., one of our newest members.
Check out that look of surprise on her face...sometimes we can accomplish the impossible at CrossFit!

W.O.D. 12.14.09


Use about 70% of your 1RM in your Deadlift or (185#/275#) for the following.

3 Rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts
50 Double Unders *
*(if double unders cannot be performed, sub tuck jumps)
(compare to 7.4.09)


If you are interested in helping with sectionals please email crossfitpasectional@gmail.com and note what area you would like to help with (judging, registration, etc.).


A Moment with Louie Simmons - video ... [wmv] [mov]
"Coach B Corrects James Hobart" - CrossFit Journal preview video ... [wmv] [mov]


"When one teaches, two learn."
-Robert Heinlien

Cate: 270, 11:25
Donkey: 115, 8:06
Kelsey: 225, 12:32
Kevin: 235, 8:17
Kristen S: 145, 14:31
Chris T: 145, 14:31
Dorothy: 155, 12:15
Jason 365x2, 7:42 Rx
Han: 245, 9:14 Rx
Aimee: 250, 5:39 Rx
Jim: 385, 12:48 Rx
Gina: 145, 15:29
JZ: 275, 11:09
Plentus: 225 (form), 8:14
Megs: 180, 8:38
Jason W: 435, 9:47 Rx
Steph: 255, 12:29
Jeff: 265x2, 11:00
Kim: 195x3, 9:55
Liz: 145, 10:55
Melanie: 170, 10:31
Nikki: 185x2, 6:45
Gunter: 95(form), 4:36
Mike F: 360x2, 15:17 Rx
Katie: 115, 10:30
Kelly: 145, 10:03
Rob: 275, 10:28
Mike B: 375, 9:02 Rx
Kerry: 205, 11:38
Maureen: 100, 9:50

Level 2:
1RM Snatch Party
Aimee: 83
Jason: 145
Swine: 125
Sam: 155


Chris P. said...

Steph, great job on those bumper jumps. You're going to be on the box soon enough!

Jason Lyons said...

Saw a lot of awesomeness at the box last night.

Steph, you are doing awesome and you will be on that box this week. I bet on it. You only missed with your right toe by a little bit, don't let it intimidate you, conquer your fear as you are stronger than it.

Jimbo, nice pull. 385 is monster. I am looking forward to getting lapped by you soon. Keep it up.

I was proud of a lot of people last night who were really concerned with form. I saw a lot of straight backs in both classes. Keep up the good work everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys.... That was unexpected. I never would have thought I would have gotten that far. The 21 inch was going to be one of my goals for 2010... Looks like I might be rethinking that