Donkey Handstand Push-ups!
Olan...Pull-ups from Nicole.
Yep, that's Lisa up the rope! Way to go girl!

W.O.D. 12.16.09
5 Rounds for time of:
Hang Power Snatch, 10 reps (55#/75#)
Over Head Squat, 10 reps (55#/75#)
5 Handstand Push-ups

Cash out:
25 GHD sit ups
25 GHD back extensions
2 Rope Climbs

Multiple Sclerosis and CrossFit-One Man's Journey

Holiday Schedule:
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CrossFit Kids:
Click here to Check out MJ and Jovina on the CrossFit Kids Page today!!!!

CrossFit Quiz:
CrossFit Delaware Valley had this little quiz on their blog and I thought it would make for a fun Wednesday on the Blog at CFKoP!

1 - List your basic info.. Name, length of time CrossFitting, etc.
2 - Why do you CrossFit?
3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite?
4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)
5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
6 - Who's your inspiration?
7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members?

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson, Philosopher & Writer

Sam 95# 20:03
Grans 58# 19:27
Betsy 15#/PVC 16:51
Kim 35#/15#/PVC 17:00
Steve 30#/PVC 21:59
Shawn 75# 20:37
Lisa 65# 20:34
Cindy 35# 16:39
Kevin M. 65# 20:02
Donkey 35#/15# 17:10
Kara 35# 13:02
Curtin 55# 14:29
Olan 45# 19:56
JZ 65/55# 20:57
Miranda 55# 18:08
Jim C 75# 16:34
Steph 55# 16:09
Plentus 45# 18:21
Rob 75# 12:57
Beth 35# 17:48
Maureen 15# 15:00
Kristen 35# 15:29
Megs 55# 17:05
Laura 53# 14:51


Swine said...

Its like MJ's looking right at you.

Way to get on the Kids main page you 2!!!!

Dorothy said...

1 - List your basic info.. Name, length of time CrossFitting, etc.
2 Months

2 - Why do you CrossFit?
To see how far my body can go. I am always surprised at my own abilities.

3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite?
Whatever workout is scheduled for today is my favorite (I like surprises).
I can't think of a least favorite. I pretty much don't remember them after they are done.
My first WOD of tabata pullups pretty much sucked because I couldn't do more than 1 jumping with a band pullup for each round. I felt very inferior. Now I realize that no one is comparing themselves to me like I was comparing myself to them.

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)

5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
Double Unders
100 reps of anything

6 - Who's your inspiration?
The more experienced Crossfitters at the box. I work hard to try to catch them. I am a chaser.

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
Depends. If I am not giving it my all I like to be pushed a little harder. If I am trying my best but still coming up short I like to be encouraged to keep trying.

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
Did that guy just rip his shirt off? Nice!

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
Gratitude list: I list all of the things I am greatful for no matter how small or shallow (e.g. 10 fingers and toes, a job, my family and friends, pizza, CrossfitKOP etc).

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
3 pullups
3 ring dips
50 double unders in a row
Deadlift 175 lbs
Squat 120 lbs
Run a 10K
Get my nutrition in order

11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members?
Thanks! You guys are amazing!

Jason Lyons said...

I will take a stab at this first since I like to write. ;)

1) Info: Jason Lyons, 5'8'' and a little, 196 pounds, Gemini, CFing for about 1.5 years.

2) Why: I CF to "exercise" my inner demons. Get it? lol. I try to eliminate self doubt and show myself that the correct answer is Yes! I can!

3) Fav: My fav named workout is probably Grace. My fav workout of all time was a level 2 that Timmy designed when you needed to run and then lift heavy stuff and if you dropped the bar, you needed to buy back in with burpees. Least Fav: I would have to say anything with a lot of running. Michael, Eva, etc. Least fav short one is Fran just because it totally messes with my mind.

4: What am I good at: I would like to think coaching and spotting errors in form, even little ones. On a personal athlete side, I think I am better at WODs that are less than 5 minutes...things that involve heavy lifting lots of times...Grace, Randy, etc.

5) What am I bad at: My endurance could use some work and so can my running. If the WOD goes for more than 20 minutes, I have difficulty pushing the entire time. I feel I need to save something for the end and it ends up hurting me. I hate running. 200 pound men are not built to run a lot...I am working on that.

6) Who is my inspiration: Well the truth is all of you. I have seen amazing changes and I want to continue to share that success with you. Not to be a sap here but more specifically, Aimee is my true inspiration. She got me into all of this and she shows to me what the body is capable of doing. When she attacks a WOD, she never thinks about what is next until she gets to it. It is balls to the wall for every minute. I need to learn that.

7) My coaching preference. Truth be told when the timer starts, I hear very little. I get lost in my own mind so that I can prepare for what is about to begin. One of the few things I do remember is Meg saying to me, "Do you want me to get the ladies weight for you" and I know that worked exceptionally well. Mentally, I can perform better when trying to prove someone wrong. Is it there all the time, no...but sometimes it is. Like the first time I did Randy, I REALLLLLY wanted to beat Sam. I managed to do so until he recently crushed my time but during those 4 minutes, I gave everything and heard nothing.

8) One of my earlier workouts was Murph and I had zero use of my upper body on the last mile and I thought to myself so this is what it would be like to have no arms.

9) How do I get up when I am down: I look around and find someone else that looks just as drained but they are still plugging away. I think that every rep I make brings me closer to the end.

10) Goals for 2010. Get Level 2 certified...I find I get as much, if not more excitement from watching all of you reach your goals. I also will, without question, get a muscle-up in 2010 if I do not get one this month. I am also still working on 10 C2B in a row. 7 is the current record for me. I would also like to C&J 250. I am at 220.

11) Message for others: My message is that CF is designed to help you find your inner strength and to learn to draw from that. We preach that what we do in the gym is designed to help us lead healthier lives OUTSIDE of the gym. When you are outside of the gym, you will not always have a coach nearby to push you or guide you...you need to learn to draw on yourself for that help. Why do you fight...know why and feed on it. Find your inner strength and harness it. We all have it, it is just a matter of learning how to access it.

Jerry said...

1 - List your basic info.. Name, length of time CrossFitting, etc.
Jerry - 45 - CrossFitting for approx 3 months.

2 - Why do you CrossFit?
I am very new to this, however it is what I have needed. The push outside of the comfort zone. It's awesome.

3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite?
Fav: 300 (so far). They are all my favorite the second they are over.
Least Fav: I am sure is still out there lurking somewhere...

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)
It's tough to say I am 'really good' at anything at this stage in the game. I am comfortable with pushups and single unders...

5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
Flexibility in my squats - my hip non-flexors.

6 - Who's your inspiration?
In life - it's my kids.
In The Box - it has been several people. It is seeing that 'look' in people’s eyes when they know they are in the middle of a brutal fight but there is NO WAY they are quitting. What could be more inspirational than that?

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)? Rough....of course.

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
Probably shouldn't post that :)

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
Take a breath......then keep pushing forward. Sometimes need to take a moment and reflect on past experiences and put things in perspective. Often times obstacles in life are not as big as they initially appear.

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
- Stick with it...
- nutrition
- OHS and FS with depth
- muscle up
- wolverine

11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members?
Thank you Aimee and Jason (and staff) for your passion and for providing this opportunity in our community. And thank you fellow members for your encouragement.

Megs said...

HA HA, Jason! I remember that it was the Memorial Day WOD I thought you were going to throw the bar at me, but it got you thru!!

Anonymous said...

1 - List your basic info
Stephanie, about 3m of xfit
2 - Why do you CrossFit?
because for the first time in my life I realize I enjoy being physical with my body and pushing myself to my limits!
3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite?
I really liked 300 too (especially the floor sweepers) and I really don't have a least fav, prob ones with running, but i am more confident about withstanding running after doing the lumberjack 20

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)
I am good at weight lifting, Being passionate about crossfit, and having the courage to tackle it all full force (always finishing!), despite my body and previous lack of athletisism
5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
Well any body weight exersizes are more challanging for me. Wanting to be able to RX (this can be a good thing, but I have to remember to be present to myself where i am each day)

6 - Who's your inspiration?
SOOO Many of you.
Aimee- For living her passion and changing lives because she was couragous enough to do so.
Jason- for his honesty, integrity and high expectations, that encourage me
Cindy- she just rocks my world, she is an inspiration for womenkind.
Granny- She has been my inspiration since I was a little girl. still is.
EveryONE- that has ever stayed late, coached me, or worked along side me, I have felt support by all
Jovina- She is my #1 inspiration becasue I want to teach her to love herself in away i am still working on loving myself. The only way I can do this is by doing it MYSELF...crossfit is helping me to do this.

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
I appreciate a little a both, think it depends. Sometimes i need someone to say, "YOU CAN DO IT!" or "Rest for 5 sec and start again" and sometimes I need someone to stay, "DON"T STOP!" "START NOW!" or when we did barbara and the next class was starting, I looked at Chris and said do you think maybe I should just scale the rounds and stop now (in a very whiney voice.) Chris said, "you know that isn't even a question". Thanks Chris..i finished that shit!

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
Idk...great thing is when i am in the heart of a WOD, i don't think. NO MIND, Peace...PRESENCE...a beautiful thing!

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
Focus on my authentic self, remember there is a beginning middle and end to all things (like a WOD), got to crossfit!

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
21 inch box jump (very early 2010!)
RX a push up
Pull-ups with a band (without jumping)
run 800 meters (no walking)
a double under

11 - What's your message for the
other CFKoP members?

Your ability to push through difficulty in each WOD, means you can do the same in life. Just like in the wod it is through being present to each and every moment, that will get you though. Thanks for being a community for me!

Melanie said...

1 - List your basic info..
Melanie, 36, 5'5", scorpio
1 month ago today I started CF and I am hooked.

2 - Why do you CrossFit?
I will never forget the moment after I turned 30 and I looked at myself in the mirror and said "what the hell happened to my body!" I thought it woudl be all downhill from there. I am now 36 and I just realize that what I did in my 20's no longer works for me in my 30's. I feel CF will challenge my body so that I can rediscover and improve the strength and shape I was once pretty proud to have.

3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite? So far, I think they are all fantastic. When I ask people how the workout was and they respond by saying "it sucked", I take that as "it was a great workout". I don't have a least favorite workout but I have to say that I hate feeling pain in all the wrong places the day after a workout because I am just not there yet with my form or have pushed myself too hard. That will improve over time though.

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)
Smiling through the pain!

5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
Lots of things at the moment but it has only been a month, I am not expecting miracles at this point!

6 - Who's your inspiration?
Everyone at the box is inspiring to me. There are people of all shapes, sizes and ages there and we are all there getting though the same workout. It is inspiring to see people push their limits or to be so good at a particular skill or to see true strength in action (ie deadlifts over 400#, a pregnant rockstar deadlifting 270#, rope climbs, 200 burpees for time, muscle ups, etc....)

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
Depends on what I am doing. I prefer to have someone not yell at me about my form but to just correct me or remind me what I should be doing but if I am in the middle of a WOD for time, a little push never hurts!

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
Nothing strange per se comes to mind. I think I am more amazed at things than think anything is really strange.

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
I forgive myself and then give myself a kick in the ass.

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
- improving my double unders
- pull-ups with no band (learning to kip)
- just feeling stronger and getting to the point in my workouts where I feel like I can push myself as opposed to just trying to get through it without dying!

11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members
Thank you all for being the support group, the community, the cheerleaders, and the coaches that you are. I haven't felt this motivated about working out in a long time and the CFKoP members have a lot to do with that.

Anonymous said...

1 - List your basic info.. Name, length of time CrossFitting, etc.
Jaime, 32, approx 2 months at kop

2 - Why do you CrossFit?
Initially: I felt like I was missing out on something great...I have a few friends who had been involved in CF and I was always so envious of their commitment to it..and I wanted that for myself.....Now: I am addicted to beating my personal goals, feeling good about my body, being part of a very supportive community of great people, feeling proud that I actually complete a WOD that months ago I would have ran AWAY from.
3 - Favorite workout?
I havent been at it too long to know my favorite / least favorite...but I can tell you I am not a fan of Wall Balls and Thrusters :-)

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)
*Good at? Not so sure yet. I think im good with sit ups? ..but probably keeping the cursing in check from coming out of my mouth mid work out when I realize i still have 1/2 way to go :-)
And I second Dorthy--im good at sweating:-)

5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
*I hope this list shortens in the future, but:
pullups, rope climb, ring dips, and can't lift all that much weight...yet:-)

6 - Who's your inspiration?
*JZ--I am still so amazed at your commitment to this. You def. motivate me...not just with the WOD, but eating well, not stresing too much, and just wanting to be 'healthy.'
ALSO, everyone at Crossfit KOP, regardless of how long u have been there, or how much you can lift, has been a major inspiration...But especially the women at crossfit..you are just all amazing and motivate me every day!

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
*rough duringhte actual WOD, but prob more gentle during the initial lession portion of the class...I process more when I am not under stress :)

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
*Im going to throw up in front of everyone...Ill be the new girl that puked in the bucket.

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
*Cuddle with maxwell the 20 lb cat.
*Work out
*Remind myself of all I have accomplished thus far in my life and thankful for the people in it.

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
*That's easy....A PULLUP! And increase weight across all lifts

11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members?
*THANK YOU for your support...

Hannah said...

1 - Hannah 5'4" 170ish prepregnancy, xf since july '08
2 - i xfit because it makes me happy. i love pushing my body.
3 - fave-grace Least fave-eva
4 - good at heavy wods sub 10 mins.
5 - poor at gymnastics(rings, handstand pu) and running
6 - my husband inspires me
7 - coach me rough. tell me to get my ass moving! pick at everything.
8 - strangest thought-who smells now?
9 - most of the time others pick me up, when i am down its hard to get out of that funk.
10 - goal to have a healthy baby and lose some of my postpreg weight.
11 - my message to others is...you never know who you are inspiring, so give it your all every second of every workout.

Chris P. said...
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Chris P. said...

1. Basic info: Chris P., 25, 5’7”, 150 lbs. on a heavy day, Xfitting for 2 years on 1/31/10

2. Why do you CrossFit? It’s fun! Being timed and not knowing what the next day will bring is exciting. I also xfit because of the community and positive flow everyone brings to the table. No trash talking or put downs here!

3. Favorite Workout: 1 rep maxes (deads, backsquats, weighted pullups, etc) Least favorite: anything with wallballs

4. Really good at: wheel barrow races with JZ aka Showtime.

5. Achilles heel: overhead squats..BIG TIME. And that damn stretch where you all can touch your elbow to the ground

6. Inspiration: first time walked into the box and saw Tim Marley doing double unders…awesome. Mike F. on paleo and climbing a rope (TWICE!), Cindy killing high rep deads, Steph V. jumping on 20” bumpers, Kit killing his deadlift PR by over 50 lbs, any WOD that Steve does, Jerry and his sweet jump rope skills, KDitty pushing through to finish a WOD, Cate and her positive attitude, any video of the Xfit firebreathers or professionals like Olympic lifters

7. How do you like to be coached: Feeling like there’s an audience makes me push to perform, doesn’t matter if there’s yelling or 3,2,1, go!

8. Strangest thought during a WOD: “Where did the oxygen go?”

9. How do you pick yourself up? Surrounding myself with positive people.

10. 2010 goals: sub 4 min. Fran, 100 du’s unbroken, sub 65 minute Broad Street Run, 450 deadlift, 95# OHS x 10, 225 C&J, 900 CFT, 50 consecutive pullups

11. Message for other CFKoP members: Being fit is a lifestyle, not a fad. Crossfit skills will take years to learn and master, so don’t get discouraged if things don’t go as quickly as you would like. Don’t cherry pick WODs; work on goats. Keep at it and you’ll create a routine that will pay off in health, fitness, and looks. Stay positive and when you can’t, turn to your fellow Xfitters for encouragement.

Appalachian Athlete said...

Prepregnancy?! Shit, Hannah congrats, that's great! And since i'm here:

1-Doug, 4 yrs
2-More effective than anything else I've found... yet.
3-Cindy or Murph, maybe
6-Who? The sweaty newb who finishes last but just won't quit.
What? The thought that a friend could be really hurt far from a road and I'd have no energy left to help.
7-Minimally, but forcefully. Not repetively. I'm listening.
8-"Does that rubber mat have letters? Does it SAY something?"
9-slowly and with as little stress on the lower back as possible
10-Injury-F'n-free! then handstand, then bodyweight snatch again.
11-You guys are lucky. Don't forget it.

Aimee Lyons said...

1. Who: Aimee, almost 2 years, 117, 5’0”, 31, Aries.

2. Why: Because CrossFit changed my life, the way I work out, view myself, view the world and it’s allowed me to give back to the community, pursue my dream and allow other individuals to see the same things in themselves.

3. Fav: Fran, Annie, Cindy, Annie and Nasty Girls. Least Fav: Eva, Linda, Tommy V.

4. Good at: Over Head Squats, Body weight exercises, Cleans.

5. Not so good at: RUNNING!

6. Inspiration: This is a hard one to start listing in a single blog comment, If I listed everyone and all the moments where I’ve been inspired… I’d surely go over 250 words, and I don’t want to pay Shawn’s penance. So to sum it up, everyone who I have ever coached has inspired me (and that’s way over 250 people), EVERYONE (yes, if you are reading this, than YES you have inspired me. Ask me in person and I’ll tell you exactly when and where and probably in what WOD. In my initial CrossFitting days it was the videos, specifically Nasty Girls and many of the early Nicole/Annie videos, which inspired me. The most remarkable and latest inspiration is Steve Zipf…to see his progress since June is simply put AMAZING!

7. Rough/Strict, I want to be held to a standard. There are key phrases when coached with that keep me motivated.

8. Strangest thing I’ve thought about mid WOD: These are only a few…there have been A LOT of weird ones for me! Recently… “What the hell is that pitter patter behind me?…PLENTUS” During Murph, while wearing a weight vest, wondering if it was going to cut off my circulation or suck the oxygen out of my lungs first. During Eva worrying about getting my shoes dirty in the mud and tracking it in on the mats and in the same thought wondering how Timmy P. runs so damn fast!

9. Mid WOD pick me up: I keep thinking that it’s almost over, just a few more rounds/reps…knowing others are watching me is huge pick me up. In life: knowing tomorrow is a new day, the sun will come up again.

10. Body Weight OHS x 15 reps, keep increasing my DL, learn some POSE running and better technique, send a few athletes through sectionals to regionals, hopefully get an affiliate team in Aromas, help everyone at the gym reach their goals for 2010, start a non-for profit for inner city kids, expand the current CrossFit Kids program & be proficient in the MINDBODY software.

11. Fight everyday for what you believe in, believe in yourself and never doubt you can do anything you put your mind to. What the mind can conceive the body can achieve.

Aimee Lyons said...

Doug- I still see those letters and think of you! HA!

Cindy Handler said...

1. Basic info -- Cindy, age 49 going on 50 and I'll be CrossFitting a year next month
2. Why CrossFit?-- Because it's more than a workout; it's my daily dose of inspiration, focus, determination and family. CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways I can't begin to enumerate them here. Suffice it to say I am definitely not the person, physically, mentally or spiritually that I was at this time last year!
3. Favorite workout -- Michael, despite all the running and Fight Gone Bad because of the incredible intensity everyone puts into their WOD! Least favorite -- Kelly because of the box jumps.
4. What am I good at? --That's a relative term but I love strength days and believe it or not I actually like wallballs.
5. Achilles heel? -- Dealing with frustration when I can't seem to grasp a skill or don't progress as fast as I'd like. Also the fact that I still say "I can't" far too often.
6. Who is my inspiration? -- Everyone who comes in and gives something of themselves either to the WOD or to someone else. That's why I like FGB so much, the energy, the spirit of community and the way people support, encourage and coach. I love it when I take a breath during a WOD and look around and see everyone so in the "here and now." I also want to mention Aimee and Jason: Aimee for never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself and Jason for being as happy about my accomplishments as I am. Dude, I hope you're there when I land my first box jump on the 21" box!
7. How do you like to be coached? -- Give it to me rough. I like getting yelled at! Megs does an awesome job of this!!
8. Strangest thought during a WOD? -- How the hell do Plentus and Pappas run so damn fast? Is it because their last names end in "P?"
9. How do I pick myself up? -- A constant internal monologue that occasionally gets external. I hereby apologize to everyone I've ever offended by my vocabulary choices during those moments!
10. Goals for 2010? -- Going to the Master's division at Regionals. Doing a full Rx Wolverine ... I want a damn T-shirt!
11. Message to my fellow CrossFitters? -- Thanks for laughing with me, propping me up and making these workouts so much fun I keep coming back for more. Never give up on yourself or anyone else. If you see that someone is struggling take a moment and yell your support. Be proud of yourself whether you've been CrossFitting two months or two years. You are doing something that few people can even contemplate doing. That makes you pretty darn special!

donkey said...

1 - List your basic info.. Donkey, aka Michele. 40 very soon. 5'4"

2 - Why do you CrossFit? It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on, and you get so much out of it--mind, body, spirit.

3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite? I have a special thing for Barbara. I am a terrible runner, so i take forever in those WODs, but I am too new to have a least favorite yet. I'm sure one is waiting for me.

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se) I am really good at pushing myself to achieve more, harder, faster, better.

5 - What's your Achilles Heel? my core strength needs a lot of work. but i'll get there.

6 - Who's your inspiration? it's a cliche to say it but everyone has something to teach you. every time i go, i see someone in the box who does something that makes me go "i want that". i hear kind words people say to me during WODs for days, sometimes weeks afterwards. something Cate said to me a week ago is still rattling in my head. the collective energy and dedication of the box is intensely magnetic. and i'd be lying through my teeth if i didn't say that Aimee's no-holds-barred attitude kicks ass.

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
LOL, i can't stop laughing at this question. i like it rough during a WOD and a little less so during warm up. i'm so new that any and all coaching is welcome and appreciated. go ahead and be rough we me :) i can take it.

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?

actually this is one of my favorite parts of xfit. if i have thoughts, they're so far in the back of my mind that i don't even know they're there. before and after, i'm with jerry.

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?

i get my ass to the box. seriously. nothing works better, at least right now.

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010? working on the list now. but i can say that pull ups (kipping and normal), ring dips, handstand pushups (all the way), better core strength, and better running are all on it. much more.

11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members?

Thank you. Every one of you is a rockstar who makes a difference when you walk through the door. Thanks for opening the door to new people. Keep telling us how far you've come, it helps us realize our own potential. and thank you, Aimee and Jason, most of all.

Nikki said...

1 – Nikki, CF for 7 months, age 27, 5’2”, 125lbs
2 – I CF to challenge myself physically and mentally, and to meet / workout with great people!
3 – Favorite workout – anything with gymnastics elements – HSPU, PU, rope climbs, MU, etc. Least favorite – anything with DU or heavy deads!
4 – I’m great at chasing people in front of me…
5 – Not so great at setting the bar myself.
6 – My grandmother, who didn’t have the chance to play sports and be fit. My mother, who’s 56 and kicking butt up at CF Watertown, all the amazing women at CFKoP who fight by my side every day and show the world that STRONG WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL!
7 - I generally prefer encouragement over yelling. I try to give 100% all the time, and it sucks when someone is yelling at you that it’s not good enough
8 – There was one workout when I thought, just for a moment, that I could catch up with Aimee… haha
9 – No matter how bad it is, this too shall pass…
10 – 40 PU, 10 MU, 100 DU, 150# clean, 225# DL, freestanding HSPU, 125#OHS/190# BS/175#FS, sub 5-min Fran…
11 – I haven’t looked forward to working out this much in YEARS, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful environment Aimee and Jason have built, and the wonderful people who show up every day ready to take over the world! ...Or at least the WOD :)

Jeff said...

1. - Basic info: Jeff, 49, CrossFitting 17 months (since July 08)

2. - Why do I CrossFit? To be healthy for the rest of my life so I can enjoy the people and places I'm lucky enough to encounter along the way.

3. - Favorite workout: Cindy, of course (wink wink), WODs with box jumps and kettlebell swings, and I'm partial to the long ones like Eva since they test my resolve. Least favorite: anything with heavy deads, Fran because the thrusters are so challenging, but especially Karen - for some reason wallballs and I don't agree.

4. - What am I really good at? Sweating and sucking wind after running, keeping focus during the WOD to finish as fast as I can

5 - Achilles Heel? There's a few, including cardiovascular endurance (still not where I want to be) and sheer brute strength (deadlifts are still my biggest weakness and greatest frustration).

6 -Who's my inspiration? Everyone at the box, because everyone puts everything they have into every workout. The heart and soul put into every WOD pushes me to be my best, and makes me want to come back for more.

7- How do I liked to be coached? Rough is better since I can't hear very well during the WOD, I'm too focused on getting the work done and not paying attention to everyone else.

8- The strangest thought I've ever had during a CrossFit workout? The Marine Corp cadence that pops into my head during long runs, especially doing the Wolverine: Up the hill, down the hill, around the hill, through the hill, PT, PT, good for you, good for me. I think I've watched Full Metal Jacket too many times...

9- How do I pick myself up when I'm down? Take a moment to get a deep breath, focus on where I want to be, and then get my ass moving.

10- CrossFit goals for 2010: handstands and handstand pushups (if I don't already have them), 300 lb deadlift, muscle-ups, at least 15 kipping pull-ups in a row, Rx WODs using the 2 pood kettlebell, cut at least 15 seconds off my 400m and 800m run times, and go to the CrossFit Games Masters qualifiers.

11- My message for other CrossFit KoP members: All of you make up an amazing community of people who help each other achieve things inside and outside of the box that you might have thought impossible. The cliche that "If you don't have your health you don't have anything" gets more true every day, and we're all lucky that we get to become and stay fit in the company of great people. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

1 - List your basic info.
Kelly...5'6"ish...120ish...29 years old...crossfitting since March '09.

2 - Why do you CrossFit?
Because this is the first time in my LIFE that I actually look forward to working out. And because I constantly amaze myself with some of the WOD's I'm actually able to complete.

3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite?
To be honest, I can't say that I have a favorite...I can say, however, with 110% honesty that my least favorite is anything that involves the words '400M+ x roundS'.

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)
Sticking with it. And still looking forward to coming to the box everyday...

5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
Running. Heavy lifting. Endurance.

6 - Who's your inspiration?
My husband...he's the strongest person I know. He was a ranked college football player and could have potentially made a career out of it. But he suffered a back injury his senior year that ended it all. What he's gone through over the years is incredible...but he still has such a passion for the sport and keeps himself in excellent physical condition, despite the pain and everything.

And my dad, just because he's awesome.

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
Doesn't matter to me, I just like hearing that extra push every now and again. Sometimes I have a tendancy to let my 'breaks' drag on a bit, so when I hear my name I kick it back into gear and I like that.

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
Please don't let me throw up in front of everyone.
Please also don't let me pass out in front of everyone.
Shoot, I lost count! I gotta be close to 50!
Am I really seeing stars right now?

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
I look around and see everyone else pushing, with the same expression that I know is on my face and I figure, if they can do it, so can I. And I keep going because everyone else is.

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
More than 4 kipping pull ups in a row and to lose the band for good.
Heavy deadlift.
Better endurance, especially while rowing or running because I find they knock me on my ass and ruin the rest of the WOD for me.
More than 2 double unders in a row.
Increase weights across the board on lifts.

11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members?
Thank you for letting me be a part of this group...You all motivate and encourage me and I have such respect for everyone in that box!

Ray said...

1) Ray, age 48, 1 year in

2) Why? Because it dares me.

3) Favorite WOD: The one I just finished.

Least favorite: The next one.

4) What are you really good at?
Finishing what I start.

5) Achilles Heal?....or hamstrings or shoulders in my case. Sucks getting old, but F*** it!

6) Who's your inspiration?
Goodnight Chesty wherever you are!

7) How do you like to be coached?
No mercy.

8) What's the strangest thought you ever had during a CrossFit workout?

Aimee is gonna really be pissed if I throw up right here on the horse mats she just mopped.

9) How do you pick yourself up when you get down?

Bust a WOD.

10) Goals for 2010:
* Get my shoulder healthy.
* Correct the years of neglect and poor biomechanics that caused that problem. Then,
* Get me some snatch.

11) My message:

Never quit. Never surrender. OooooRah!

Miranda said...

1.Miranda, 5'8 and a few, 158lbs (I can't believe I am telling you peeps!), taurus, Crossfitting since Oct. 08

2. I crossfit to change the way I feel about myself and to boost my self confidence. Also to get a kick ass workout.

3. Fav - Grace or any heavy weight short WOD, Least-Eva, anything with running and pull-ups

4. I'm really good at falling on my ass, B*tching during a WOD, throwing the jump rope...

5. running, pullups, climbing the rope

6. So many of you Inspire me each and every day. At first it was Timmy and Han, then Jason, and now each of you bring something special to every WOD, that Inspires me to keep going and keep fighting.

7. Depends,sometimes I like to be yelled at, i just need someone to stay on my ass, or I will seriously slack off, drink H20, chalk up

8. Was that really a fart??

9. I usually think of a personal struggle thatg I have overcome, or look around to find someone kicking my butt then I try to chase them

10. Goals for 2010:
4 pull-ups in a row
climb the rope 2x
95lb snatch
Head to the floor HSPU
275# dead
ring dips

11.Stay positive, push yourself, never say "I can't", ask for help if you need it. Don't be afraid to drop your weight, if you sacrfice form to be a big shot...you will pay for it later. Help each other out, praise someone for a job well done. Its not about finishing first, just get it done!

Ray said...

Haha Miranda! No, I think Scott just stepped on a goose that day!!!!

Megs said...

Awe, thanks Cindy. I am working on figuring out who responds best to what! But, I have you down ! :) I love coaching you because you fight, and fight and then fight some more. It is amazin!!!

Jim Curran said...

1 - List your basic info.. Name, length of time CrossFitting, etc.
6' 225lbs, joined 4-1-09, like long walks on the beach

2 - Why do you CrossFit?
I really like the people at Crossfit, the results are fantastic and I am forced to push much harder than I would on my own. If I had to grab my wife and kids and run, I need to know I can do that.

3 - Favorite workout? Least favorite?
No favorite or least favorite really. They are all difficult. The snatch move eludes me and frustrates me.

4 - In CrossFit terms, what are you really good at? (doesn't have to be exercise, per se)
I have good basic skills, eye-hand, throwing, catching that helps with some of the moves. Rowing is a good one for me, use the mass I have!

5 - What's your Achilles Heel? (what you aren't so good at)
not resting

6 - Who's your inspiration?
Granny. She takes it to whole new level in all areas of her life.

7 - How do you like to be coached? Rough or gentle (or something else)?
Doesn't matter to me.

8 - What's the strangest thought you've ever had during a CrossFit workout?
How many people just heard me fart, especially during deads.

9 - How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
Crossfit. Nothing like getting my ass moving when life is particularly challenging. Even if I suck at the WOD, complete it and learn from the experience.

10 - What are your CrossFit goals for 2010?
I need to accomplish my 09 goals first.

11 - What's your message for the other CFKoP members?
We are stronger with more, weaker with less. Sometimes when you come to a WOD, you help more people than just yourself. Don't forget this.

Anonymous said...

hey jim...can i watch you pick up jen and the kids & run...that could be fun!

Chris P. said...

Jim, re: #8, that's why I stand upwind and you stand up against the wall!