Frosty, Before CrossFit: Under trained and overfed. No full extension of his arms and totally lacking in decent footwork.

Frosty, After CrossFit: Strong and buff, complete with a six-pack and what Mark Rippetoe would call "chesticles" . . . (Thanks to John Tuitele of CrossFit Strong Medicine for the giant Frosty!)

W.O.D. 12.25.09

"Merry Christmas!"

CLOSED for the Holiday

At home Christmas WOD:

Run 5K

"Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts."
-Janice Maeditere


Anonymous said...

I got a PRs for christmas!! I ran around my block (800m) and did not have to walk...blowing one of my 2010 goals away! that was the warm up.

Then on to annie, the scaled version with 3x single unders. my score 20:55. I was shooting for sub 20. My last attempt in oct was 24:03. THe jump rope i had here sux. next time at the box i def will sub 20 :-) YAY!

Dorothy said...

Nice work Steph. You are a force that cannot be stopped.