Fundamentals of POSE workshop with Coach Timmy
Tonight at 7:30-8:30PM
Cost $10
Everyone is welcome!!


Tim P said...

FYI- Pose running is an efficient technique of running that utilizes gravity and your body's natural biomechanics to carry you over the ground much more effortlessly than you are right now.

Chris P. said...

aka it helps you run better and have your knees not hurt

Anonymous said...

i couldn't stay last night...but i really want to do this. unfortuantly i cannot make the free one in january. Hey tim...how much for a private lesson??

TP said...

We will try to get a Pose running workshop in at least every month.- Steph let's talk about this tonight at the Festivus.

donkey said...

this workshop is WELL worth the time. tim does a super job of explaining the theory and the stride/gait so you can "get it" easily. plus video! i'm terrible at running but definitely hopeful that this will help me improve both my overall endurance and post-run knee pain.