Good Luck Tim!

Coach Tim takes on his second full Ironman on July 23rd in Lake Placid!
Wish him well this week when you see him at the box!

Tim specializes in the shorter distances and really enjoys them - the Olympic and Sprint Triathlons. 

For the second time (since Arizona in 2012) Tim will take on The full Ironman -140.6 total miles; it's a tough mental game and excruciating distance for all three disciplines both leading up to and during the race.

He will Swim 2.4 Miles, Bike 112 Miles and Run 26.2 Miles

His goal is 11 hours or less. It will all come down to the run after the bike. He's gonna have to hold off just right on his power output on the bike to leave enough juice in his legs for a good, solid marathon in order to hit that goal.

CLICK HERE for the link to the course and event details.

Tim- CrossFit KOP is cheering for you---GOOD LUCK!

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