W.O.D. 4.4.14

For time:
Power Cleans (95/135#)

"If a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do.  Think up something appropriate and do it."
-Edgar Watson Howe


Unknown said...


Stephanie Vincent said...

luke s 24:44 rr115
Zelda 26:03 rr/35hang
Kim G 20:05 rr/65

Peter 23:29rx

Shout out to Zelda, some great improvements on your clean!

Paul S said...

Barb 15:17 SC
Kara 16:30 SC
Rich 19:09 SC
Jackie 17:24 SC
Diane 17:40 SC
Giulia 21:13 RX
Cate 9:28 (30-20-10)

Welcome Giulia to the 9:30! New member of KOP, welcome her if you get a chance to meet her! She killed it.

Paul S said...

Travis 20:47 SC
Jen 14:45 SC
Jason I. 25:53 SC
Rachel 20:20 SC
Josh 24:40 SC
Marci 18:54 SC
Stasie 18:48 SC
Mr. H 24:11 SC

-Travis is giving John a huge run for Mr. Intensity
-Jen, Great Job today... Not an easy workout for your 3rd class, be proud.
-Jason I know I bust your balls, but you are really improving.. keep it up dude
-Rachel, cleans looked awesome..very efficient pulling under the bar and using your legs
-Josh, way to push to the very end.. you are a quiet guy but work your ass off.
-Marci, I know you get frustrated but if you could see yourself through my eyes.. The strides you have made since you started. Don't give up, olympic lifts take time.
-Stasie, Maybe it was because you thought I yelled at you mid wod... but you pushed yourself today harder than normal.. maybe I will actually yell at you more.
-Mr. H, get your kids lifting shoes!!!

Paul S said...

Pam 22:00 #63 SC
Gavin 21:20 #75
Nick 24:12 #65 RR
Regi 18:37 #75 RR
Olan 27:45 RX
John M. 20:49 #105 Band
Luke 26:57 #95 Band
Ryan S. 21:57 #95

-Steph ;-)